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Can’t fetch custom taxonomies from a plugin file

I set up a custom taxonomy last week and everything seemed to be working correctly, until I realised that from one plugin file I could

Sort taxonomies in select dropdown with topmost parents as optgroups

I have an array of objects with custom taxonomy terms. This taxonomy represents a list of countries/states/cities which are being used by a certain post

return custom taxonomy terms in post object

How would I go about returning the custom taxonomies in the post object with WP Query or with get_posts for that matter. yes, I know

custom taxonomies are not showing up in get_taxonomies

I’ve made several taxonomies through the custom post type ui manager but i am not about to call them with get_taxonomies and my get_terms is

making a menu of a taxonomy that if the user click it will show all the content related, without redirecting it

Good Day! Can you give me any idea on how to make a custom taxonomy that will display all the related post without redirecting it

Use custom category in more than one custom post

I am using a custom category in more that one custom posts. register_taxonomy( 'location', array('holiday','resorts' , array( 'hierarchical' => true, 'labels' => array ( 'name'

WP MS: Strange Behaviour after changing Permalink Structure

I removed blog/ in the permalink structure field in Super Admin > Sites > Edit. Things broke so I re-added it, but things are still

Taxonomy.php how to show post only in current taxonomy with wp_query?

Having troubles to get my taxonomy.php working good. I use a taxonomy.php to list all my posts in a specific category but it shows every

wp uses index.php instead taxonomy.php

I have created taxonomy AUTO with terms and rewrite rules – add_rewrite_rule(“^auto/?$”, “index.php?taxonomy=auto”, “top”) add_rewrite_rule(“auto/([^/]+/?)$”, ‘index.php?taxonomy=auto&term=$matches[1]’, “top”)The problem: site/auto/audi uses taxonomy.php as WP must do,

Show all terms of a custom taxonomy?

I made a few custom taxonomies and I need to show ALL the terms from it, what I achieved so far is showing the taxonomies

Using custom taxonomies as a filter for a list?

I have a few custom taxonomies which i successfully fetched and now I was wondering if you guys could give me some advice. I have

Dynamically create/remove terms in taxonomy when custom post type is published/trashed

Am struggling a bit with creating & removing terms based on when a custom post type is published and trashed. Ideally, I would like to

Display only first level children of my custom taxonomy categories

I’d like to display only first level children of my custom taxonomy categories I’am using wp 3.8 I’ve something like for my taxonomy “listing_category”: Category

Display and register custom categories for custom post types

Ok here we go. I have 2 different custom post types. The first is called ‘portfolio’, the second one ‘games’. All the game reviews I

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