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Get page ID outside the loop, matching menu ID

How can I get the ID of the current post/page/category in a way that matches the ID I get from menus using get_post_meta( $item->ID )['_menu_item_object_id'][0]?

Creating my own blog layout

the blog layouts that come by default in our theme (Divi) do not fit what we want to achieve. We would like to have a

How to implement redeem process

I am developing the mobile API and web backend for a dating app so in that user can exchange virtual gift to each other, so

Search results posts_orderby and ID

I’m using this function for customizing search results: function order_search_by_posttype( $orderby ) { if( ! is_admin() && is_search() ) : global $wpdb; $orderby = "CASE

How to display all added menus as dropdown in widget?

Im wondering how to display all my previusly added menus as dropdown (like categories dropdown) in widget. I know how to display categoreis as dropdown

How to display all navigation menus as dropdown in widget?

Im wondering how to display all my previusly added menus(navigation menus) as dropdown (like categories dropdown) in widget. In widget are it’s call “Custom Menus”

break out of custom html

I added a custom html to insert captions/date under pictures, but after its inserted in the backoffice the text i right after it gets the

Adding A New Widget to WordPress Disables the Existing Widgets

I need to add four sidebar widgets that display on designated pages. When I add the code to create the new widgets to the functions.php,

I want a page that displays the users custom post type post

I have absolutely zero knowledge or php and can work only in UI, no coding at all. I have created a custom post type called

Smarter Document Management links between three WordPress sites sought

I’ve built and manage two primary/junior school sites in the UK. They’ve recently come together under a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) and consequently, they now

Integrate the WP_Customizer_Image_Control into a custom type

I want to create a custom control that should have an image upload and a text field. I tried extending the WP_Customize_Image_Control and overriding the

When adding a custom REST endpoint, where do you put the endpoint function, and where do you put the function registration call?

WordPress documentation, bloggers, and StackExchange answerers have done a great job of describing the code you write to make a custom REST endpoint, but I

Plugin that displays custom HTML to a specific subpath

I would like to build a plugin for WordPress that allows me to specify a /path and returns (renders) some PHP code when being accessed.

How to add a do_action on refreshing of WP customizer?

I want to clear the cache of a plugin on refreshing the preview of the WordPress customizer because I can only see the changes I

How to customize plugins?

I’ve found a WooCommerce plugin, WooCommerce Wishlists, where customers can add products to multiple different wishlists. What I need to customize: I would like to

how to auto fille conatct form 7 when user is logined

I want to auto fill some details in contact 7 form , when user is logined and how to pass php value to js. in

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