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Theme licensing and permission on changing content

When using themes on a WordPress site, can I customize (I mean modify/change files) that makeup the theme? So as to remove a particular section

Woocommerce split billing adress to streetname and number

I want to split the customer field billing_address to billing_streetname and billing_streetnumber. I have managed to do manage it in the front-end with add_filter, but

custom field functionality

I have to build a custom functionality based on custom fields. I have a sidebar that displays a blockquote testimonial. At the moment this is

How to remove admin menu pages inserted by plugins?

I’ve got the following code, which cleans up a lot of stuff that is not going to be used within the admin area: add_action( 'admin_menu',

Changing starting number of User ID

I’ve got a client who would like their online user registration to match their current database. Thus they’d like their wordpress sign ups to start

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