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Add Custom API Call to WP-Login.php

I want to trigger an API call to another system every single time when a new user register (in real time). Therefore, I opened the

Break up Post Output

I’m trying to create a slider that displays the post’s thumbnail, then theres a static navigation bar, then the content of the post. I know

Add specific page content from one page to another automatically

Looking for some advice. Quite new to WordPress and general web development. Looking for a way to extract specific content from one page and populate

bilingual business directory

I would like to create a bilingual business directory where users submit business listings. Some information of the business listings have to be translated but

Adding a simple "like" button

I’d like to add a custom function to my WP site. Visitors would be able to click a button to “like” a post, much like

Adding a login form that concatenates three fields into a username

I have a situation where I need to authenticate users with three values (as opposed to a single USERNAME value. Let’s call them VALUE1, VALUE2,

Previewing 2 different blogs on mainpage

Sorry if repeat. Couldn’t find similar problems. I have a mainpage that calls for posts from either of my two blogs with WP installed in

data retrieval presents last set of data

in WordPress, I have a custom table in which I want to store settings for use in a plugin. The code for the admin page

No "Homepage" on reading tab

I trying to configure Search Engine Optimization and the thing I noticed that my front website wont have anything after com its “” but I

How can I create custom button in post.php

I want to create a custom button to go the customize.php. I want to create it here Read more here: How can I create custom

Appearance –> Customize not working on WP 4.7.4 – load-scripts.php error

When I’m trying to access the customization of the theme through Appearance –> Customize, the page shows but displays only the Widgets element and you

how add css class to product boxes li, for img, add cart button, decs, price…

please if you could help. I have differect resolution and aspect ratio of images uploaded to product. When i see product list: products boxes

Implementing conditional gettext translation

I am using this code to rename the text of a button on my website: //rename messagetxt function um_rename_messagetxt( $translated_text, $text, $text_domain ) { if

Author user restricted to taxonomy posts

There is a custom taxonomy ‘Regions’. Admin assigns a region to a Author Author should be able to see posts from that Region only. Tried

Static home page but with recent posts format as in the theme

As the title says I’m looking for options on how to make my static home page not just display the recent posts – but actually

customize page doesn’t work

Due to plugin conflict(i guess), customize.php page doesn’t load properly. It stops while loading and only widget and theme name appear on the left. I’m

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