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WordPress – Cloak domain crash page

I’ve just bought a second level domain on, the problem is that when I see my site on computer (using or .com) it’s

php code is not working inside .html file

I have added php code in html file and run this file as .html extension. For this technique i have added below code in .htaccess

Want a save-as-or-run popup in WordPress – html tag a

I have the following line of html code in my WordPress site which downloads an .exe file into the downloads folder without prompting the user

WordPress and Static content

Can I serve static (.html) content from the same directory as a wordpress install. Where the static content is to replace some of the existing

Meta Refresh without URL Rewrite

We’re launching a members-only WordPress site that is only capable of hiding pages/posts; however, part of our content is served up by an API that

How do I redirect index.html to a WordPress site?

I am trying to move my html website over to a wordpress multisite and can’t work out how to redirect the current homepage at

WordPress Filepath Link Change

Okay. This is a big one, so bear with me. GoDaddy allows you to create multiple WordPress installations on a single domain. The way I

Redirecting a directory to a page

The website is currently on WordPress so the pages are listed as pathways ie on Google. We are in the process of changing to

The following cacheable resources have a short freshness lifetime – Google fonts

Hi I’m using to test my wordpress site speed and I have an F for Leverage browser caching, it says: The following cacheable resources

6 .htaccess Rewrites: Remove index.html, Remove .html, Force non-www, Force Trailing Slash

i’ve to give some information about my website Environment i have static webpage in the root. WordPress installed in sub-dictionary I have two .htaccess

WordPress Reinstallation – You don’t have permission to access /sitename/ on this server

Earlier I said in a different post (off subject to this one) that I’m interning at a company. We’ve been working hard on a sandbox

Redirect all image urls to my CDN – WordPress

I’m using a CDN for serving my images on my WordPress.. The URL structure goes as such: //[year]/[month]/[day]/[imagename].png or whatever For my CDN the images

Link to HTML page inside WordPress

I have a WordPress site and I’m trying to upload an HTML file so I would be able to go to Tried searching around,

how to add .html extn end of all page/post url in wordpress

We developed a html static site to WordPress (CMS) blog site … For SEO, Static url for best SE cache/crawl…Best way to On crawling and

Redirecting nonexistent index.html to home page in WordPress is causing too many redirects in browser

I recently changed my website from static html to WordPress, and in doing so I’ve been redirecting all of my former and nonexistent pages with

How to force to refresh a web page

Im working on a web server. BEFORE : There was a website. “” redirected to “” (logic) and this page redirected to “” with the

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