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How do I redirect URL parameter ?m=1?

I recently switched from blogger to wordpress and noticed that many incoming links have added a “?m=1” parameter to the end of my post link.

Redirecting Issue – Site working fine in desktop but redirecting on mobile

Hi everyone this is my WordPress site this is working fine in desktop view but when i do open it on phone it redirects

Link with QueryString causes 500 error with WordPress and separate application

I have a website that uses WordPress (in its own subdirectory) as the main site. Additionally, I have separate websites in their own folders. For

Php caching and possible generation of static files

Im running a website through the basics of a wordpress setup. For some reason the pages/files are being cached somewhere. I haven’t been able to

wordpress redirect to homepage and seo

I’ve created a website (html, css, etc) with 5-6 pages in it, lets say on Now I have to add many additional pages, and

htaccess Allow all html files

I have a security plugin installed on a WordPress website. This plugins prevents access to certain files. such as html files. How can I allow

WordPress :Load a static page before site loads

i have developed 2 WordPress sites that are registered against same domain with bit of difference . Now for example my domain is and

PHP Code Not Working in PHTML File

I am trying to integrate a WordPress menu into a Boxbillng theme, but the problem is the PHP code I am using isn’t being parsed

Expires Headers Are Added But Still Grade C

First of all sorry about my week English. Dear Friends I’m facing problems in my all websites (Add Expires Headers). I’m Using W3 Total Cache

FB and G+ share dialogs showing different URL than where redirecting

I have a WordPress site with Facebook and Google+ share buttons. The problem is that share dialogs are showing different url than where the share

how to change index file in wordpress

I have a wordpress website using custom permalinks in this format: /%category%/%postname%/ And it’s default .htaccess file contains below codes: # BEGIN WordPress <IfModule mod_rewrite.c>

how to add splash screen to WordPress and change it’s home URL

I have a WordPress website which is using custom permalinks in this format: /%category%/%postname%/ And it’s default .htaccess file contains below codes: # BEGIN WordPress

Custom static page url rewrite

I would like to make my static .html page as a part of my wordpress website. So, I would like to have no .html extension

Switching from to

I’m looking to change the structure of permalinks on my site from from to what is the safest and best method to do

Conditional DirectoryIndex to load wordpress and html on same site

I have this site which has wordpress along with a couple of .html files. I want both of them to work. As of now only

301 redirect for html files in one directory only to Custom Post Type in WordPress

I am struggling to get my head around an htaccess rule to redirect requests for an html file to go to a custom post. I

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