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Single site with multiple domains, different content

I have a web site which is done with HTML. Now I got a requirement to set two other domains to same layout but different

Get user information from SQL Db to enforce new login

I have the following <- not actual name. The former is a static HTML website with some JavaScript and the latter is based on

Rewrite 301 Redirect does not keep Http Referrer

Is there any way to set the http referrer to the url of the page a 301 redirect is redirecting from.. So far, I’ve created

confirming a bash script is in the right folder with wildcards?

my question is, can an if statement in a bash script confirm its current folder based on wildcards? i am making a script to quickly

.htaccess WildCard SSL for sub-domain

I setup .htaccess file for my domain and sub-domain. If I write manually https then both working fine but I want to force so that

.htaccess redirect: convert path to GET variables?

Can a .htaccess guru show me an example of this? This url: Should be translated to: This url: Should be translated to:

WordPress: ?tag=<param> to /tag/<param>/ and /tag/<param>/page/x to ?s=<param>

I moved my WP blog 3.8.1 from to my own domain. This one is a major pain as it impacts hundreds of pages (?tag,

how to use mod_rewrite .htaccess

Hello i want to rewrite the following link: Mirela to Mirela. Can someone tell me how to do that with mod_rewrite also maybe

Redirect all but one page to http from https

For reasons of SEO, I would like to redirect all but one of the pages of my website from https to http. Currently, if you

Getting redirection issues with blog in web master tools

Hi my blog is opening fine but when i fetched it from web master tools, i get infinite loop error, because of this my blog

htaccess mod_rewrite exclude

I have the following setup: /register (for default user registration, which shall be disabled) /businessRegisterForm (for some form of user registration, which shall be enabled)

Using htaccess to abstract out redundant directory

I would like to know if there is an easy way to setup an htaccess file to abstract out redundant directories. On my webhost, I

convert php website to html based website [closed]

I recently started working in a company and one of the first tasks that I was given was to redo their website. Being a newbie

Paralells Confixx Redirect with no htaccess file to WordPress

I use shared hosting and have previously had a dreamweaver site on my domain. It is all managed on Confixx. I’ve installed wordpress via software

<img> with src to external image without extension not rendering in wordpress/firefox

I’m trying to render and html/php/wordpress output with and image call to an external url that has no extension. The image renders fine in Chrome

Onclick url not opening in wordpress site

Here i made a WordPress Website which working correctly but i got some problems occurs like Home page opened good but there no any url

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