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Random Size on Featured Image

Hi guys wondering if anyone can help. I have this code that lists all sub pages, their featured image and title/link. What I’d like to

Change database image location for transportability

The problem: the worpress site is developed locally by my team. When we finish, we will put it online. Now, changing the siteurl, home and

WordPress image slider not working

Php image slider not working and I need help. The website is and the line of code that is not working is Can anyone

Images don’t load on safari

The site works fine on all other browsers, but yesterday on safari the images stoped loading. Most of them were blurry and some didnt load

Remove html after condition changes

The site im working on has a shortcode function to display image captions, credits and date, but if the caption is not set that function

setting permalink to post name breaking featured images

I have set up a theme for this blog, (g o o . gl/ 6gt0NM), everything works fine expect one thing. I want to setup

Create gallery in posts as in Woocommerce

In Woocommerce there is the option to leave the highlighted photo of the product and below a gallery with additional images. For posts, how does

Image captions problem

The site im working on has a shortcode for captions, but it has a problem, if the caption is not set, but the photographer name

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘;’

Im getting an parse error on this block of code and i can’t figure why. This is the error i get: Parse error: syntax error,

Images not showing on my page

I am developing a coming soon page using bootstrap and I have images on a javascript script and it’s suppose to show on the front

Set saved attachment as featured image in WordPress

In WordPress i have a function that correctly save a new processed image as attachment. What i need is to set as featured image the

Displaying image instead of post label in wordpress – Genesis theme, Genesis Extender

I’m new here and brand new to WordPress in general. I have a page with different types of recipes – easy, medium, difficult. I am

Create something that can be added or removed in Customizer

I’m working on the WordPress Customizer in my theme. Now suppose i want to create a kind of item with 3 options (in this case,

WordPress cached image issue

I am having an issue with image caching I believe. Not 100% sure thats the issue, but perhaps someone with greater expertise could assist. In

allow users to get embed code for post’s attached image

how to allow users to get the embed code for post’s attached image (featured image)? something like getty images has so this will indeed allow

Automatically generate multiple image sizes for <picture> element

Suppose i want to implement a responsive header with compliance for multiple devices. To do so (with a beautiful result ofc), i need different versions

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