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How to set a screenshot as a featured image?

In my project I used WordPress screenshot functionality by it’s subdomain. In my single.php file I used this code: if (have_posts()) while (have_posts()) :

Interactive Images With Highlights/ToolTips

I have spent many hours searching Google for a technique, plugin or anything but to no avail. I want to be able to place images

How to show all attached images of Particular content type, while creating a new content of the same content type, in Drupal 7

I am upgrading my website from Drupal6 to Drupal 7. I have one content type it has attached images field in Drupal6 and its Default

Change the URL of an image from wp_get_attachment_image_src

I call a lot of images with wp_get_attachment_image_src() and would like to off load those images to a CDN. Is there a filter to grab

How to call set featured image window from widget?

I am looking to build a widget that will open the media library in a window and allow the image to be inserted into the

Multiple Frontend Image Upload

Ok, I am trying to setup a testimonial feature on a site that includes a before and after image: The first image uploads fine,

Any easy way to automatically set the first inline image in a post as the thumbnail, for relative images?

I stumbled upon a problem in this post if you use a link like i.e. a relative URL, it won’t work is there a neat

how to both crop (with tool) and resize thumbnails having only a max width constrain?

I can't found my very problem in other threads. I'll try to explain: want to use thumbnails MAX 400px width. That means that CAN be 400px,

When does WP resize an image file

Creating an image gallery. Using WP for image upload & management. Pictures will be uploaded of various file sizes and pixel dimensions. Page load time

Setup Featured image on all posts from thesis thesis_post_image custom field?

I moved from thesis to other wp theme and i want to change the thesis post images (these are saved under thesis_post_image in database )as

How do I delete all generated images from my server except those currently used in posts

I have a new set of image sizes for my site’s in-development theme. My server is filled with old image sizes, most of which have

Make first inline image an attachment, so the featured image can be set automatically with a plugin?

So it is NOT an attachment yet, it is inline e.g.: in the post. And I want automate that the first occurrence of such an

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