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support for featured images for custom post types wp-api

How do I add support for featured images ins case of custom post types in wp-api? I found the following snippet which is enabling this

Server peek by Own-IP-Calls?

My site did not load a few times in the past day so I contacted my webhost and asked for a reason – their answer

WordPress cant upload to wp-content/upload

So a client asked to make some changes to his wordpress site, I can install and run plugins, but when I try to put some

How to Make Only Images Connected to a Post Show? Not Entire Media Collection?

When uploading an image to a post, I see ALL of the images I’ve uploaded. Is there a function I can use so that only

Generate post preview as an image

I have been working on a project and now i am stuck with a requirement. I need the preview of the post as an image.

Woocommerce 3.0+ loads all images -> increased page size / load time

If you have updated to WooCommerce 3.0 or above, you might have noticed their new image gallery for product pages. While this is looking really

Unable to upload images to the Media Library. Getting this erron on the console wp-admin/async-upload.php 403 (Forbidden)

I haven’t been able to upload images on the Media Library, neither on pages or post, succesfully. I’ve got this errors: An error occurred in

Advanced Custom Fields – Get image from gallery field from other page and display randomly

I am trying to get pictures from an ACF gallery field to display on another page. I have achieved this with the following code: <?php

get_attachment_id() only get id of first attached image after post update

i use the code explained here to get id of attached images to a post in a custom post type from $value that contains url

Where are all the references to images in the uploads folder?

I have taken on a website with a massive (30+ gigs) amount of images in the wp_content/uploads/year/month folders. It would take ages to delete them

How do I delete massive amounts of images without using the UI?

I have taken on a website with a very large number of images (30+ gigs) in the wp_content/uploads/year/month folders. These are orphaned images that were

Different Og Image Each Time I scrape

Hello I want a simple help . I will like to know to know can I scrape different Image each time . I want

remove enclosure url from feed

I searched the whole internet, including this website, but there is no written way on how to remove the enclosure url from the WordPress feed.

Remove all empty image links from WordPress

I have removed all the images from the upload folders(2017) and now i am getting broken image links on homepage and on the article pages

Bypass wp_safe_remote_get()?

I have an application that pushes data to WooCommerce through the API, everything works except for images. I was able to pin this down to

Customizer Image-Picker Preview Not Working

sorry for my English… . I am trying to implement an Image Picker in Customizer in order to choose and display a css-background-image on front-page.php.

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