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JavaScript on WordPress page

I would like to add JS script to WordPress page (in content) but after submission CF7 and redrict to ‘thank you page’ script don’t taken.

how set automatic image slider of images obtained through given API

how set automatic image slider of images obtained through given API. Below is the only code i have that will only show one single image.

Added new action in get_bulk_actions() of WP_List_Table. How to make it as default option?

I have added a new action as below : function get_bulk_actions() { $actions = array( 'bulkemail' => 'Bulk Email', ); return $actions; } I want

Installing and using smooth-scollbar.js

I want to install smooth scrollbar js plugin here I’m working on installing it into my wordpress themes, but it comes with a lot of

How do I update a value of a variable in PHP?

Context: I am working in MemberMouse (a WordPress Membership Plugin), and I am trying to write a script that updates a member’s status to “Cancelled”

Time to first bytes very long on product page (Woocommerce)

I have a very strange problem on a woocommerce website, the “time to first bytes” of the product page is around 26 secondes ! Something

How do i create a modal box for each wordpress post in a foreach loop?

I hope some of you can help me with this, as it is the last thing i need to complete my project for my last

Open link in browser set as default?

Here is the question – is there any way to force link to be opened in default browser using JavaScript (maybe PHP?) from page which

Using dropdown to display one datatable or the other

I have a wordpress site at (visit for current state of issue) and I’ve had these two datatables working and displaying normally, but I’ve

how to integrate our custom app inside Bullhorn marketplace?

I have created a java application and i want to place that app inside bullhorn marketplace, can anyone suggest me the deploying process of app

Slider stopped working, jQuery error

I need little help. I have a wordpress website on homepage Partners logo slider is not rotating automatically and the previous & next links

Using dropdown to show 2 different datatables

I’ve been working with an issue on my WordPress site for a bit now but I’m stuck. I have two working datatables (both showing on

WordPress Archive Not Dynamically Updating onClick

Have a WP widget for the archive page of post, can click left or right on the arrows but the only way it updates is

WordPress – How to make expandable posts with resizing (featured?) images?

I would like to make a blog, where next to the post excerpts there will be an image (featured image?). When you click on the

How to create an expendable search field for Search & Filter plugging

I’d like to create an expendable ”advanced search” for the Search & Filter pro plugging. In essence, I want to have a button to click

Button not refreshing page

I’m creating a WooCommerce site where the archive page shows products related to the city the user is interested in “London” or “Manchester. On the

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