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Reload page with Back Button. Not reloading graphs correctly

I don’t know how to write JS but I’m working on a site and I need to reload animated graphs when press on the browser

Woocommerce update order review table in checkout

I’m trying to update the order review table after having added an addon to the cart. I’ve tried using: $( ‘body’ ).trigger( ‘update_checkout’ ); but

This question should be deleted

This question should be deleted. I can’t flag it for some reason. Read more here: This question should be deleted

Calling Google Analytics Goal Tracking Function with Javascript onClick event

Is this the proper way to trigger a button click event to be tracked in Google Analytics? I’m working in wordpress and this seems easier

Dropdown onchange event not getting fired at all in WordPress

No event is getting fired on changing the dropdown value. Please, can someone tell me where I can be going wrong? JS code jQuery(document).ready(function($){ jQuery('#_ccounts

WordPress website: javascript not running on mobile/tablet browsers

As good practice, I usually scan already asked questions to find a solution to my issues but I have exhausted all search on this one.

JSON Object Value Show Undefine

when i access json data it’s show undefine [my javascript code[][my php code 1]2 [![javascript code][3]][3] Read more here: JSON Object Value Show Undefine

php matching json data to html table (calendar)

New to php, I have created an html table and convert it to a calendar using php, this is to display my archives in a

Weird Isotope.js Animation when filtering

When I am setting up this filter and using it, the functionality works except for one thing. There is a weird animation during the filter

Print Window works locally, but NOT on site w/WordPress

it works beautifully locally, but when I upload it to the WordPress site, the new print window opens and flashes on/off screen instantly. Only tested

Empty string passed to getElementById(). jquery.js:2:25285 [on hold]

Hi all i am facing the problem on my home page the text slider and clients slider was working fine before the edit content from

how to use sql query with dropdown list?

i AM USING php AND MYSQL on WordPress in order to fetch data from mysql database and display the result in a table and plot

How do I call WordPress get_stylesheet_directory_uri() in JSON file

Firstly, I am hopeless with Javascript and have no idea about JSON. I am currently building a website and incorporating particles.js into the design. I

Add class to query_posts loop

I would like to be able to add a class to posts from a query (which would appear under the element, however I have only

Auto focus to an input when a button is clicked (For AMP articles)

Im new to using AMP and was wondering how I could auto focus to a form input when a button is clicked. But because I

Including Google Analytics wordpress

I know there are many different ways you can include the Google Analytics script into a WordPress website, but I won’t use plugins for this.

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