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WordPress – Query post from favorited author

I use a third part plugin called “Favorite Author”. I want to filter post with the author I favorited. I tried this : $fav_author_list =

Ajax submit result opens in admin-ajax.php

I have a plugin to submit a form via ajax. I have this as the js: <script type='text/javascript'> $(document).ready(function() { $('#form_id').submit(function() { e.preventDefault(); var $form

How to send a Oauth 1.0a to wordpress – jquery with Consumer key and Consumer Secret?

I have current instaled the ‘WP REST API – OAuth 1.0a Server’ in my wordpress, i want to make some api request inside the wordpress

doing an ajax request always outputs 0

I’m trying to do an ajax request from my themes header.php file. I’ve read that I have to use the admin-ajax.php file to achieve this.

Foundation 6 Sticky Sidebar Not Working

So I am having an issue getting the Foundation 6 Sticky sidebar to work when placing a data-anchor on the sidebar. When I set up

CORS issue with jquery and cookies for subdomains

I’m running 2 sites on my local machine. (names configured via hosts file). (laravel) (wordpress) When a user logs in to wordpress they

Custom JavaScript in WordPress Contact Form 7 not working

I’m trying to hide the contact form after it passes validation and is submitted. I want to do this with a simple custom JavaScript function.

Youtube API does not work on WordPress plugin

I am developing a plugin to create a slideshow for videos, with support for Vimeo and Youtube, I am using this plugin to create

Stop youtube video when popup is closed

I am now a programmer and getting to know css. I am student in Graphic Design building a website with WordPress and the Divi theme

In WordPress add a menu link to download a file

Does anyone know of a WordPress plugin that would allow users to create a new menu link to download a file from the media manager

Move product variations without Add to Cart button to sidebar

I’m trying to move the product variations from woocommerce_single_variation (single-product/add-to-cart/variable.php) to Genesis Sidebar, but i want to keep the Add to Cart button in woocommerce_single_product_summary.

Duplicate email validation using jquery validate in wordpress

I am trying to validate duplicate email using jquery Validate plugin in wordpress.But for some reason the function returns 0 always. jQuery code: email: {

Select multiple images, WordPress

I have created a custom meta_box where I want to be able to select images for a gallery. The problem is, when I select images,

Add in custom Credit Card icons to woocommerce

I am trying to target a specific area on my checkout page but in a clean method say like ovveride the theme in the function

WordPress Date Picker not coming in Contact Form 7

i have creaed a form using Contact Form 7 , i have placed Date Field in that. i used DatePicker Plugin to enable date picker

Owl Carousel not wrapping the correct div

I’m trying to use owl carousel as a custom WordPress visual composer element to display posts but it seems to only be showing the featured

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