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Load the source of an iFrame after a delay

I have two iFrames on a WordPress page that automatically refresh every 10 seconds, and I want to offset the time that they refresh by

Using datatable for existing html table (using database connection) in wordpress

I currently have a wordpress site with a section that has a main html table which has a basic header of 7 columns and the

WordPress Post Type Infinite Scroll / Load more button

I am using the following code to currently display a specified amount (24) of my custom post types on WP, as well as using the

How to include jQuery when no header and footer on the page

I have a plugin page, which doesn’t have header.php or footer.php. How can I include WordPress jQuery on this page so I can use syntax

Computer Restarts Unexpectedly While Browsing the website in windows xp [on hold]

While browsing my website ( on Windows XP, system getting restarted and showing blue screen message. I am not able to find the problem, can

How do I deal with this deprecated code?

I hope I can get some assistance working this problem out, it’s a bit beyond my abilities. I have a WordPress site using a jQuery

Is placing <script>stuff</script> in page text edit window bad form?

After noodling around on the web, I’m experimenting with adding js/jquery directly onto a page through the page edit text feature. After ‘enqueue-ing’ a js/jquery

Prevent divi slide-in menu to collapse by current menu-item

has anybody a solution to prevent the divi slide-in menu (a theme by to prevent to collapse? When a submenu-item is chosen, the menu

Masonry: how to change the default animation to fade in when new items are appended?

I’m using masonry by Desandro on a wordpress archive page, along with “Ajax Pagination and Infinite Scroll” plugin by Malinky, in order to create a

Adding jQuery script to WordPress

I have found some code here on Stack Overflow to add my own script to the functions.php file. But it’s not working for me. Is

How to change text color for first 55 words of text area input?

I am using the gravity forms plugin which allows me to easily create front-end forms on my wordpress site. In an effort to minimize the

Is not using admin-ajax to ajax submissions okay?

I am using ajax to a submit a form which inserts data into a table. php $data = array('full_name' => $_POST['fullname'] , 'email' => $_POST['email']

jQuery UI tab does not work in the plugin page

I am trying to show a jquery-ui tab in a plugin page through the function billing_settings_page. As jQuery and jQuery UI are loaded automaically, so

Prevent WordPress theme using Featured image as default in Gallery

I’m using a theme called BusinessFinder+. It’s a membership theme and each member gets its own page. There are various built-in functions. I’m having a

gform dynamically populated not working after the field error?

add_filter('gform_pre_validation_13', 'populate_departure_date'); add_filter('gform_pre_submission_filter_13', 'populate_departure_date'); add_filter('gform_admin_pre_render_13', 'populate_departure_date'); add_filter('gform_pre_render_13', 'populate_departure_date'); function populate_departure_date($form) { $today = strtotime(date('Y-m-d')); foreach ($form['fields'] as &$field) { if ($field->id == 37) { $pid

DOMSubtreeModified WordPress

I am willing to detect text change in a div using jquery. Can anyone guide me how to use DOMSubtreeModified in wordpress. Something like this:

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