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jQuery datatable in MVC (server-side) On the page above there are parameters that you need to recive to make server-side datatable work. I have a helper class public class

Jquery animate a three levels menu

I’m building a menu compose of three levels with hover animations. Here is a JSFIDLE of my menu My goals: 1 – When the user

php/ajax : json data.message returns undefiend

i made a form in a php file and i send request to another php file(test2.php) using ajax when i get data back to ajax

WordPress Session caching?

I’m having real problems with a new feature i’m trying to implement onto my blog and i’m not sure whether it is just my computer

wp_enqueue_script not loading script (wordpress)

I am trying to add a custom script via my functions.php file. Here is the code. First I am loading jQuery and then the script

WordPress – JS and PHP in a PHP file?

I would like to include the following code in my functions.php file in WordPress, but am stuck getting the correct format, it’s broken at present.

wordpress function.php jquery conflict?

I am making a WordPress theme I am trying to figure out why all of my scripts are not working… I posted my full functions.php

Add item to a list in realtime in a wordpress template

I’m working on a wordpress template and there is one textbox and a button. I would need to archieve that when i type something in

How do you resize wordpress text without a plugin? [migrated]

I’ve used the search box but didn’t find anything related. I’m want to implement 2 text resize buttons for my blog, something like this(but I

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