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One page loop – All pages in landing

I’m trying to create a one loop page ( where EVERY page is showed at the beginning of the site, like landing – one page

Order by multiple meta keys on wordpress

After multiple research I didn’t find the correct answer to my question. I just need to order my custom post type by date and then

Use get_posts() to get an array of images (from each post)

I'm trying to access each post's attached images (even those without an attached image, I want a string if no images.). I've got the following

Running the Loop outside of WordPress

I have a static website and WordPress installed at I have a page on my external static website which displays a list of all

Get the ID of the current post’s child category

A client of mine wants to create a simple “related posts” loop that shows 6 of the most recent posts that match the current post’s

How to exclude categories from recent posts, recent comments & category widgets?

I use the bellow function (thanks to @helgatheviking!) to exclude categories from the wordpress loop. It works very well – posts of selected categories are

Style first 3 posts differently with WP_Query [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: How to mark every 3rd post 5 answers I’ve got the following code, which gets the first 3

Pulling current post/page data into header.php

I want to pull some post/page specific data (author name, post ID, publish time, etc) into header.php to be used in meta tags. I am

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