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Move dynamic menu to main nam menu

I want to move a dynamic menu from a drop down menu to my custom main nav. menu. The menu item is linked to a

Move dynamic menu item from buddy press. Drop down menu to main nav. menu

I want to move a dynamic menu item from a drop down menu to my custom main nav. menu. The menu item is linked to

Problem with float:left – unexpected behavior

Here you can see the problem with floating:left in my page. I have made a style for wordpress, where I have links to pages and

No link on empty page in wp_list_pages

Currently I’m using <?php wp_list_pages( 'post_type=region&title_li=' ); ?> To get the hierarchical list of my custom posts ‘region’. It works perfectly. I got this :

Why are some site pages rendering a previous menu version, while others are rendering the new changes

I have a question that I can’t solve and I’m hoping that perhaps someone here can help me. I have a site built on the

Static site menu with multiple ul’s to wp menu

I need to convert this menu from a static site to a wp site with the wp_nav_menu() function, it has 2 ul’s inside and so

Problem with positioning of the menu in custom WP style

I have created a style with fully functional menu in the header. The header ends with the border-bottom. When I add following lines to style.css

How can i move a menu item to the far left in a custom theme header? ( Trying to organize social media icons )

i’m trying to move instagram in the top over to the far left of the header : ) Read more here: How can i move

Control sidemenu ui li for customisation

i am working on a WordPress website. i am trying to create a collapsable navigation menu. when i click on 1 li the other li

Change default menu id

I have created 2 menu locations at the same place in my theme. With a condition I show/hide 1 menu. For the 2 locations I

Using Enigma theme – footer changes – font size & remove submenus

I would like some help please. I am using the Enigma theme version 2.8.6. on WordPress 4.7.4 Can someone please tell me how to change

I can’t correctly display menu

I’m new in WordPress so I’m sorry if I repeat question. I have theme in HTML/CSS and I want move theme to WordPress and I

Get menus created with menu editor?

I am new to wordpress and I am creating a theme for a local company as my final project towards my college degree. They wish

My mobile menu is not showing on mobile

I have installed the WP Mobile Menu plugin. I customized the menu I’d like to show on mobile devices. The menu is working fine on

How can I add divs or change li in the submenu of the menu_nav

I want to add divs and classes to child [ li ] elements that come after [ ul class =”sub-menu” ] of the parent [

How can I set capabilities to allow only second level menu items to be altered?

Handover time for a client. Their editor is allowed to add/remove items to the primary nav, but the design relies on the top level top

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