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How to correctly load a different version of main menu based on the user language in WordPress? Is it a good solution?

I have the following problem developing a WordPress theme and I am here to ask you if this solution could be a good solution or

Bootstrap button menu on wordpress

I have a simple 4 item menu on wordpress. I want to use the bootstrap button style for this menu. This is the hand-made code

Get parent menu item id on submenu ul using start_lvl

I’m struggling with the Walker_Nav_Menu. In the start_lvl function, where I create the tag holding my submenu, I want to insert the item ID from

Adding class atribute to wp_nav_menu ul

I want to add a class to the ul of wp_nav_menu. I tried this code: Read more here: Adding class atribute to wp_nav_menu ul

How can I filter into the WordPress back-end menu builder?

I would like to who the categories of custom post types in the wordpress back-end drag-and-drop menu builder. Is there a filter that I could

Conversion from HTML to WP – Navigation Formating Lost

I am porting Bootstrap based HTML template to WordPress. I am facing hard time in porting menu design. As I am working on local server,

Add button to expand JQuery accordion menu [on hold]

How could I go about adding a button to every parent item that would expand it and reveal its children? I am usign this plugin:

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