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Wordpress mod-rewrite

Redirecting a New Domain to Existing Subdirectory with WP Installation

after searching for a while I couldn’t figure out how to solve this issue: I have a client’s website, say:, which I am hosting

Rewrite basic rule WordPress

on my website I using polylang plugin. But in free version isnt possible to translate URL. So the main issue is, that its automatically

.htaccess rule creates infinite loop

I want to redirect my wordpress blog from http to https and added this code to my htaccess: RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off RewriteRule (.*)

Options to Force Trailing Slash in htaccess

I have seen several questions on this with varying responses. I’m using a WordPress website and want to force a trailing slash. From various sources

htaccess is changing url’s? gclid=

On my wordpress site I’m not able to use gogle adwords gclid. When I go: it self-changes to How to fix it? Thanks

How to 301 redirect in .htaccess with REGEX rewrite url

I would like to redirection from the whole old subdirectory to new location in the same website with htaccess file. (I run wordpress website with

Can wordpress handle uft-8 rewrite rules?

How can I encode all my url before they got to the wordpress rewrite check? So thatאבד will convert to %2F%D7%90%D7%91%D7%93 and only

exclude subdomains from .htaccess for wordpress multisite

I have a plesk server and its configured to launch Roundcube on . Also I configured my wordpress as a multisite to react as

Site not redirecting to https even after having rewrite condition

I am working on this site which which redirects to https except of when someone writes a url starting with www and opens a page

Remove slug from CPT permalink on a subfolder multisite (might be htaccess issue)

I added this script to my site to remove the slug for my CPT from my permalinks: And it works great! The problem I

How to redirect site to https and http using htaccess for specific file and folder

I have a wordpress site that I wanna change https to http for only ‘/wp-admin’ and ‘wp-login.php’. I wanna use .htaccess to achieve it, but

‘Fetch as Google’ in Webmaster tool says ‘Redirected’

Google webmaster tool shows me this for my website. This is a WP website, and my guess is it’s because the redirection from non-www

Remove 1 of 2 301 redirects on wordpress site editing .htaccess

I did some changes to my .htaccess file before installing a nice pluging to handle all http to https redirects and now I see it

wordpress- How to remove the following redirect chain after adding SSL certificate?

Recently, I have added SSL certificate to my academy website- Successrisers. Before adding this, my google page insight score was 100/100 both on mobile and

Redirect from AMP URLs to Real URLs

I want to convert old links amp links to basic topics in wordpress Via the .htaccess file I tried this code but it did not

rewriting wordpress post url " option_rewrite_rules "

I am asking about a feature in WordPress add_filter( ‘option_rewrite_rules’, $array, $int, $int ); and how it can be used to rewrite the post URL

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