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Custom url rewrite in wordpress gives me 404 error in Google search console

I am having a problem with my htaccess code in wordpress. I have the following lines in htaccess : RewriteRule ^chainetv/([A-Za-z0-9-]+)/?$ /wp-content/themes/all/chaine.php?id=$1 [NC,L] # Process

Redirect WordPress Blog to HTTPS installed in sub-directory

I have a non wordpress website on and installed SSL on this and its working good. Well now I installed wordpress in a sub-directory

set 301 redirect after using wp_delete_post() function

I use wp_delete_post() function to delete a custom post type in WordPress. I have a question regarding the custom post type permalink after the deletion,

Integrating wordpress to symfony 3 based website

I have a website that uses Symfony3 and am trying to integrate a wordpress blog under So what I’ve done so far is create

Posts not accessible on a local copy of production WordPress

I am in the process of replicating a production WordPress website on a local system. While I am able to access the home page, the

WordPress htacess for every subdirctory

I’ve got this structure: public_html After I redirect the URL to /public_html/ my URL is After I move to any other

301 Redirect not working with ‘%’

I am trying to create a 301 redirect on my WordPress site because an author’s name has recently changed. Other redirects are working, but not

301 Redirect and Mod_Rewrite Rule in .htaccess file cause a Redirection chain (WordPress)

I am re-developing a WordPress site and the site structure has changed drastically so I need to perform redirects from old URLs and force HTTPS

Redirect all blog posts from %postname% permalink structure to /news/%postname%

I have changed my permalink to the custom structure /news/%postname% however I am now trying to set up a 301 redirect so if someone types

Issues with WordPress permalink /index.php/%postname% instead of %postname%

I’ve tried to change my permalinks from to, but nothing has worked. When I change them in WordPress, I get 404 errors for

Redirect wordpress URL keeping everything the same except for the directory name

I want to redirect any post on my wordpress blog that had a permalink of http: //website/dir1/blog_title to http: //website/blog/blog_title. I only want to change

.htaccess rewrite rules, cause loop in wordpress

I’m working in this site: And i’m trying to remove sub directories form the url, like: In the URL above i would like

htaccess mod_rewrite to check cache first

I am setting up a very simple cache for my own WordPress plugin… I have been researching this here on StackOverflow and elsewhere for a

hard flush_rewrite_rules() not regenerating .htaccess

I am currently developing a theme where I want to add two permalinks. One is redirecting to the index.php with some custom parameters and values

wordpress mod-rewrite for single non-ssl url

I have a seemingly simple redirection problem, but can’t find the correct re-write to get it to work. For my WordPress site, I basically want

htaccess rewrite with date and url conditions not working

I need for a url on my existing website to point to an outside website after a certain date (3/31/17 at 7:30 p.m.). If it

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