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Wordpress mod-rewrite

Rewrite the url using htaccess in wordpress

I am new to WordPress, creating the custom taxonomy for location in the my current URL i am need to change the URL like given

.htaccess rewrite specific URL segment to a PHP file and then remove the php file from the URL?

I have a wordpress site and a custom build app all on the same URL. I am looking to redirect all my CMS (custome app)

Htaccess wordpress confusion

I’m confused with my htaccess settings I organized all my add-on domain in the root of public_html so it is: /public_html/ /public_html/ /public_html/ /public_html/ and

What does this WordPress mod_rewrite do and how can I change it?

I’m a newbie to programming and coding and just need some helpful guidance. There is a mod_rewrite that is affecting my site’s performance in Safari.

Add URL Rewrite Rule .htaccess

I’ve installed a WordPress plugin that makes my website to a static one. The plugin is called “Simply Static”. Now I have a static version

How to create URLs similar to Pastebin, Imgur, Youtube etc.?

I’m creating a site (with PHP & MySQL) that takes a user input, generates a random link, and uses that users input on the generated

How to create pastebin-esque links?

I’m creating a site (with PHP & MySQL) that takes a user input, generates a random link, and uses that users input on the generated

htaccess file url rewriting issues used wordpress and core php code

My problem is if I am adding RewriteRule in wordpress htaccess file so wp-admin is not open Show error redirected you too many times.

htaccess redirect to SSL not working

I used the following code in htaccess to redirect my inner page urls to https:// but they are not working. When i go to my

redirect folder urls into onepager

I try to redirect all files from the folder web into the new onepager website. There is a deleted wordpress installation with google links. The

How to make subdomain using htaccess in WordPress

RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^(.*) RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://.com/%1/$1 [L,NC,QSA] With the code I wrote. #URL #Turns into URL I want it the exact

Moved WordPress to root directory and HTACCESS still loading subfolder

I’m trying to figure out why my WordPress installation is still pulling up the subfolder when I moved it to the root directory. Here’s the

Load .htaccess IP from file

I run several wordpress sites on the same server (shared account). I want to only allow myself into the /wp-admin /wp-login.php parts of my sites

removing part of the url using .htacess but redirect to original URL internally

I have modified the href link using preg_replace for example the original link is http://testdomain/test/save20 to http://testdomain/save20 but when I click on this link I

htaccess if url contains title then load title.php

I have WordPress site that everything work fine except this link that load information from : I have title.php in my theme directory

Static redirection in .htaccess with rewriterule

I should make some url redirections (no variables to pass) in .htaccess but I don’t want to let see the destination url. How can I

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