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What is the correct form action URL for network options pages?

Referring to Settings API in Multisite – Missing update message It states that: For network option pages the correct form action URL is: wp-admin/network/edit.php?action=your_option_name Note:

Multisite – sort merged queries? get_posts

I am very new to this and I was trying for hours now :/ I have a multisite (test) installation of wordpress and want to

Multisite – sort merged get_posts() queries

I have a multisite (test) installation of WordPress and want to get the posts of every blog. After hours, I got the solution for that.

Multi-Site – Conditional Content with default

We have a wordpress multi-site (version 4.7.3) instance in which we have a first page containing a list of countries. When the user selects one

HyperDB, Multisite – on new site creation put site’s tables to specific database

I was given a task to create a WordPress Multisite, and to make WordPress Multisite create tables for each new site inside another database that

Contact From 7 multisite

There is a multisite project (about 100 sites). Plugin Contact Form 7 is used to create forms. And now form markup and some fields need

What structure should I chose for my website?

I have website with local events and news in our city. There are different categories – one for each of event organizers. Right now I

Subdomains With WordPress

I’ll create a WP site that will have multiple subdomains. Consider it’s like I’ll have, games.sta…., hardware.sta…. etc. Should I create all subdomains

Avoid having infinite loops

I am using the following code ( to sync user role between his blogs on a multisite installation. My question is if this approach can

Programatically set cookies on multiple domains

I have a wordpress multisite with several different domains. I made an SSO function which globally signs you in on all of our wordpress sites,

Programmatically set cookies on multiple domains

I have a WordPress multisite with several different domains. I made an SSO function which globally signs you in on all of our WordPress sites,

Is WordPress cache shared for all blogs in a multisite network?

When I do a wp_cache_set( 'some-item', $item, 'my-group' ) on any site of the multisite network, is some-item available on other blogs, or does every

How to auto generate a sub-directory sitemap?

My site has a sub-directory that does not include in the All in One SEO Pack’s sitemap auto generate function, the sub-d is and

How do I update php in IIS?

System Type: 64-bit Windows Edition: Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Microsoft Winddows Server: 6.1 Current PHP: v5.2 Upgrading to: v7.0 IIS Version: 7.5.7600.16385 For some

Does wp db export cause/produce this behavior


Multisite, multiple domains per site

I currently have a multisite install with 4 sites and 4 domains, like so: Site 1 -> Site 2 -> Site 3 ->

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