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WordPress Multisite: Give access to all network sites for new customers Woocommerce Customers

I have a multisite wordpress installed with woocommerce active on each one of them. I couldn’t find anything to help me allow

WordPress homepage setup not working on first load

I have a multiste installation that setups a site on user registration, logs them into their new site and then redirects them to their new

Some blogs in a Multisite shows Chinese characters instead of Fontello font icons

We have a WordPress Multisite installed and uploading zip files is allowed. One of the blogs in the network requires the use of entype-fontello font

Help me, LimitInternalRecursion error, Multisite wordpress

Sorry for this dumb question. Actually, I am not a WordPress Developer and I have no idea what following code does in .htaccess file. I

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class WP_MatchesMapRegex in /home/nbcpadmin/public_html/wp-includes/class-wp.php on line 746

My Dreamweaver was open with a site that I was working on when my grand daughter sat and clicked. When I returned to the desk

Not able to access dashboard of subdomain

Recently i moved from wpengine to a2 hosting. My site was working fine but suddenly once my wpengine account deleted my sites stop working like

get_post_meta fails after switch_to_blog

I have some code for custom cron in wordpress multisite, that from each blog site, gets their posts and postmeta data and put them on

Any way to force a specific plugin to use single site tables in multisite installation?

I’m developing a multisite network, and my client wants to have a front-end user dashboard on a separate site (site B), which would pull data

Do I need a Multisite?

I have a client who has asked me to develop a sales-based WordPress site with a customized subdomain for each potential client (;; etc.).

User Role is Not Specifying in WordPress Multisite?

I Have WordPress Multisite as Following multisite on multisite on multisite on multisite on X multisite on All Sites are

How to show sites under "My Sites" Menu in admin panel wordpress multisite?

When i add new multisite by visiting “My sites -> Network admin -> sites”, the list of sites appear. This list contains more than 10

Moving wordpress child webite(multisite schild) to new server

i know how to migrate wordpress website from one domain to other , for example test version to live version . For this i copied

Load Posts on external page

This Topic Look similar to others but i assure you,its totally unique problem.i have a custom homepage on main domain. then i install wp on

Proper setup of multi doman site

I have a “family” of sites that I have neglected over time but am about to put a major effort into. I would like to

IS It Possible to Create Website same as stack overflow using WordPress but instead of forums it will have post

Features like stack overflow network profile , central login points system and more… Read more here: IS It Possible to Create Website same as stack

Multisite Posting Recent Items in All the Sites Linked with Multisite

Multisite Posting Recent Items in All the Sites Linked with Multisite.. I have a multisite and linked 2 sites in it with 2 different languages

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