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the_post_thumbnail not returning the featured image?

I am using WordPress multi-site and in the child theme the_post_thumbnail function doesn’t work. If I use if ( (function_exists('has_post_thumbnail')) it echo’s true which mean

Multisite sub-directories IIS 7.5 change media/uploads location

I am running WP 3.8.1 Multisite. Sub-directories is configured. I have 10 sub-directory sites and 1 primary site. WordPress is running on a Windows 2008

how to export users data from buddypress network to csv file

I am trying to export users registration data from a buddypress network. plugin I found were able to export users from site registration only not

wordpress multisite problem with woocommerce

when user creates new blog, I want to add widget to sidebar automaticaly. I am using hook: function add_new_blog_by_user($blog_id) { switch_to_blog($blog_id); $sidebars_widgets = array(); $sidebars_widgets['sidebar-1']

Disable Please visit the Update Network page to update all your sites. Notice from Dashboard

I would like to Hide below message you see on dashboard after wordpress version upgrade in WordPress MU. I know for hiding version upgrade notice

WordPress multisite in subdirectory, not root, and remove base folder from url

I might be misreading but I can’t find a solution to the following need: I want to install WordPress in a subfolder of my www

Unable to deactivate plugin on subdomain multisite?

Well I’ve been working on a little plugin for like 2 weeks now. many changes was made to the DB structure and i decided to

…A definitive way to get rid of the annoying multisite blog slug problem?

I really can’t understand he reason why, anfter years that quite EVERYONE say he doesn’t want the unwanted /blog/ slug, still the isn’t any official

Filter meta request

i’ve got a multisite where i query specific custom post types from one specific blog. It looks like this: function unify_results_filter( $input ) { global

Convert function for single to multisite adding wp_capabilities

The following works well on a single site installation. It will obviously fail on a multisite because the wp_blogid_capabilities are not being updated. How can

No My Sites link after installing Multisite

I have just setup a fresh Centos server onto which I have installed the latest version of WordPress. I then enabled multisite and went through

WP MS: How to query over the network

I have a WP 3.8.1 Multisite installation with 3 blogs, they’re all in one db, prefixed wp_, wp_2_ and wp_3_. In a template in wp_

wordpress multisite logout conflict

i have a wordpress multisite setup with several sub sites. i am having an issue when logging out of one of the sub sites that

How to get wp_get_archives to work on multisite

I am using multisite and have a news-archive on blog(3) and would like to use wp_get_archives for showing in sidebar, but it doesn

Link custom post types from blog in a network to custom post on network frontpage [on hold]

I am using a plugin that creates custom post types on the frontpage of my multisite setup. But now I would like to have each

Background colors missing WordPress Multisite child sites admin [on hold]

The background colors are missing in admin area of new sites added to MultiSite. CSS, Graphics, etc. are loaded normally but background colors are not.

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