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which function is good to check whether the given lat & lng is inside the polygon?

I have found the following mysql spatial functions which can check a given lattitude and longtitude is inside the polygon or not. 1 – MBR_Contains

Duplicate entry ‘2014-02-28’ for key 1 Error Code : 1062

I am getting following error please help me whats the reason Duplicate entry ‘2014-02-28’ for key 1 CREATE TABLE `th_userinfo` ( `user_id` varchar(250) NOT NULL,

Cloudstack- Unable to delete secondary storage

I am working on a model of cloudstack framework to analyse the feasibility of Cloudstack with my organization’s product. I was trying to delete secondary

MySQL Left Join with SUM and Where clause returning Null

I have a query am having issues with, SELECT id, name, cc, total FROM goods gd LEFT JOIN (SELECT count(*) as cc, status, pid, SUM(number)

Insert values into table by the event handler

I have connected my local database created by sql server with my project in visual studio (C#). Now I wish to enter the data given

Why is this sql code not producing desired result?

I have the following sql code to output total. Though it does not produce any error, but not the desired result. Select regd, Section, Test_date,

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