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WordPress for business site

My domain is from, that recently added a wordpress feature.But when i’m trying to use it it converts my website in a blog. So,

In WP, Google map error initMap is not a function

Getting a series of errors on some Goole maps JS, that will show a series of markers from a json file as well as showing

Huge number of 404 pages getting spawned

My website has started generating 404 pages, and now there are more than a thousand 404 pages like so: … (and so on)

My side bar is not displaying on homepage

I cannot get the sidebar to display on my homepage It displays on every other page of my website I have tried upgrading plug-ins and

Will making BuddyPress’ ‘Site-wide Activity’ page private will cause any harm

Will making BuddyPress’ ‘Site-wide Activity’ page private will cause any harm? I want to make that page visible only for me, because it displays number

How topublish a page from a plugin

I would like to post a page from a plugin, how do I go about doing that? I am working on a custom page designer

Customise the_title in admin area

Experienced in PHP but new to WordPress, so excuse me if I’m not calling things the right things. Basically my set up is that I

Hidden Pages, Posts & Plugins

I am doing SEO on a woo-comerce site and when I got into wordpress there were no pages, posts or plugins listed in the bar

Print number of post (in reverse)

I’m trying to input the numer of the post next to it, but in the reverse order, which means not 1 2 3 4 but

My page is redirected after google search

I have a wordpress page that can be seen normally if you type the address directly on the browser but once you search fot it

wordpress page content not displayed

WordPress page content not displayed (only display in the menu) and product page and post page displayed in the site.. we change woocommerce redirect to

Pages from WordPress deleted when tried to change language

I built a wordpress website with a paid template in english. I then tried to add another language. Unfortunately, I saw that I had to

editing fonts of category links from the_category() funtion

I have multiple pages using content-featured.php … Sorry I’m having trouble pasting the code.. that file uses “the_category” function The_category. Function displays names/links of categories.

My website redirected automatically to other site

from my last updates my website is redirected automatically to other site like This it happens from mobile or by Instagram link in Bio

where can i make an html change to a specific page

One of the pages on my company’s website, the hero is displaying incorrectly. It seems that the news page is missing an “h3”. Where is

Create custom profile pages per user role

I’m trying to create a site where I have 2 user roles, like example, visitor and invite, the visitor can just sign up and create

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