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Connection lost. Saving has been disabled… (Updating Posts/Pages)

I’ve been developing for WordPress for a few years now without any trouble on an old XP/WAMP development server (v1.7.4) but recently have been getting

Best way to execute custom page-specific mysql queries

I would like to query a secondary mysql database (not the WordPress mysql database) with page-specific queries. I’ve seen many answers / tutorials on setting

foreach error on false boolean from get_terms

I’m grabbing an array of page ids that were created in another function which I use regularly- that’s all good. The issue I have is

Access wordpress pages using a self signed shared ssl

I am trying to access a wordpress page to use in a Facebook tab. I have a self signed ssl installed and I only get

The page that displays Posts on homepage

I want to know the page responsible for displaying the blog posts in WordPress. Where I can probably expect to find the SQL query and

From a developer’s point of view what are the differences between pages and posts?

Whenever I am looking for information on how to handle pages, I always end up finding deprecated functions that link to the correct new functions.

some posts being displayed as pages

Some posts I make (in the same category) are acting as pages, they open as page templates. I have the following in my single.php and

adding a unique page to an existing site

i’m a wp newbie working with an existing site. i’ve been asked to add a unique page to the site and am having trouble finding

How to set a default page for load first time?

Now I am creating a WordPress site for an academy. But my client has more than one site. So I need to set a home

How to echo excerpts with wp_list_pages?

I’ve tried to echo excerpts in wp_list_pages with the code below. It works, but only for one of the child pages. How would I echo

Display multiple page contents under single page

Is it possible to display the content of all the pages under a single page?? Like, I have Home, About and Contact us pages. I

on page creation few inline style properties gets removed

For a website I am not a super admin but I have admin role. The problem is even after being an admin, when I create

Links, buttons, menus not working in main content area/sidebar [on hold]

All links, drop down menus, and buttons in the main content area and sidebar of my site’s pages have stopped working. Links in the header

How to use the same code for multiple pages?

The code below prevents a page (defined by its title) from being deleted. When I try to implement two occurrences of this code (one for

Get all children page ID’s including parent by title

So I am getting all the children ID’s as well as the parent ID to show content only for that page and all its sub-pages.

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