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WordPress site rives 404 error for permalinks with trailing slash on Nginx

I’m running a wordpress site with Nginx. When I try to access a permalink with a trailing slash, it gives me a 404 page, but

How to delete text part Archive from Google product link

In a new WP shop I see that Google shows the product links including the text “Archives”. Like this: 400 – 25,4 – 255065

Changing permalink structure and domain

Who could help me with the following: I am moving my site to another domain AND I want to change my permalink structure. I wish

Extend url to include region query var on each request

I need to create a region based url structure (not language based). My idea is to add a query var with the region value to

How to change link of an uploaded file to the media library

My client wants a PDF to be linked from a page with a different link structure. Currently I have it set up so the path

Change directory url to be same as page permalink?

I have a page with permalink set in the dashboard to that has links to pdf reports located in There is not a

Custom permalink for specific category

I’m trying to create a custom permalink for a custom post type and have it only apply to a specific category. For example I want

Updating wordpress permalinks to use https://

I had a wordpress mutlisite network for my site but after months of struggling with it I turned it back into a single wordpress install,

Arabic characters in URL – doesn’t work and return 404

I have an Arabic website with Arabic characters in URL, once I copy the link from the browser to another software I’m getting this link

403 Forbidden Localhost Wamp Apache Php

I’m completely new to wordpress/website design and I’m following a tutorial on youtube about creating custom themes. I’ve set up a website in localhost and

whats the mistake → href="get_permalink()

<?php echo '<h1><a href="get_permalink()">' . get_the_title() . '</a></h1>'; ?> This is not generating the permalink → href="get_permalink() I also tried this version → <?php echo

Issue with my links or permalinks

I have a wordpress site that is set to, however when it opens other link for instance the service page, it will show localhost/wordpress/index.php/services.

On Macbook, my permalinks with post name don’t work. Returning 404 error

I can see my pages when I set “plain” it works fine, page opens fine. But, when I try to use “post name” as the

Get value from URL with different types of parameters

I’m kind of new to wordpress. what I want to do is; For my home page I want to build URL like, and fetch

Add Rewrite Rule for custom taxonomy

I created a custom taxonomy in my product for woocommerce. Like this: function custom_taxonomy_Item() { $labels = array( 'name' => 'Aplicações', 'singular_name' => 'Aplicação', 'menu_name'

ACF Relationship in URL

I’ve got a custom post called “actions”. For this custom post, I’ve defined some ACF fields. One is a relationship field to another custom posts

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