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Wordpress permalinks

Link for the page archive for posts, like using custom post types with get_post_type_archive_link

I am trying to get the page to list all my posts (post type = post) in archive. I can do this with custom post

a way to support totally different url structure

I need to support permalink URL structure like: (city, course type etc. are taxonomies). If there would be unique slug

Link to and/or preview specific post instead of comments?

The permalink, ‘view post’ and ‘preview changes’ links all default to a blank comments section for posts. After publishing I can visit to view

Preview/link specific post instead of comments?

The permalink, ‘View post’ and ‘Preview Changes’ links all default to the comments section for posts. It seems to link only to comments and not

How to remove parent category slug from url on child category pages?

I want to remove the parent category slug from the url on child category pages. The current url structure is: but I would like

WordPress Permalinks extremely slow on XAMPP web server

I have created a web server with XAMPP for a WordPress website. All works fine except for the custom permalinks. When the permalinks are set

Site moved to HTTPS and loads as HTTPS but permalinks show as http

We moved the site to HTTPS recently (for the most part following this guide: ) Now, most things are working perfectly – with the

Custom permalink leads to index page

I have a custom post type named patch and custom permalink structure: I managed to replace %version_id with actual version code with this code:

Replace dash(-) with plus(+) in search result URL

My search result URL currently is: How can i change (-) to (+) with .htaccess? Read more here: Replace dash(-) with plus(+) in search

My post permalinks are always the same

I noticed all my new posts have the same permalink. I noticed it was the same as my sticky post so I removed that setting

Custom Page Slug w/ add_rewrite_rule

I need foo-bar to become foo/bar instead: // –> // add_rewrite_rule I expected this to be my solution, but I’ve tried every minor variation of

Remove Dash/Hyphen From WordPress CustomPosttype Permalink

I want to remove all hyphens/dashes from the Custom Post Type permalink in WordPress. For example: Becomes Any advice on how to do

Best practice for permalinks in wordpress

Pretty permalinks like post name, custom structure looks good but is it the best practice? Read more here: Best practice for permalinks in wordpress

How can I get this custom post type permalink structure? %custom_post_type%-%taxonomy%-%term-postname%

Please help – I’ve tried almost everything and I’m absolutely lost! I’m desperate to get the following permalink structure set up: For example:

permalink author

I have made a multi-author web The permalink of each author is I installed the ultimate member plugin. Your permalink for the author is:

Permalink redirection from default to amp

I need to redirect all my links to default amp links for all users (including desktop users) Like: to be redirected automatically to

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