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Hexigon avatar in WordPress

I have the following code that fetches the avatar in wordpress... and I would like to add the following clippath into the avatar code.. clip-path="url(#myClip)"

Word press popular posts short code doesn’t make any excerpt of description

When I described below code in post_page, despite either excerpt of title or image of thumbnail was shown, the excerpt of dexcription could not be

Transiet and bufor problem

i am finished my project but i want to add last amendments. I want to add buffer “ob_start” in my form html but i don’t

Transiet and buffer problem

I’m experiencing two problems on my site. I my trying to add output buffering in my form, but when i use ob_start(), i lose everything

Transient and buffer problem

I’m experiencing two problems on my site. I my trying to add output buffering in my form, but when i use ob_start(), i lose everything

Prevent internal error on false from file_get_contents

I would like to use the following to detect if a file exists however there is an internal error when when this is the case.

Remove fields form product reviews Woocommerce

I Wanna to remove “Name” label from Woocommerce single product review. How i can do this? Now I have something like this: Image here In

WP archive with custom field filters

I’m pretty new to the wordpress plugin ACF and unfortunately wasn’t lucky when searching through the internet and this forum so I’d like to ask

WordPress adding a menu page when activating a plugin

Im making a custom plugin for wordpress and i need to create a page in the admin menu. I already have a file called mailing_list.php

Hide some custom meta order item in order email

in my wordpress plugin I add in each woocommerce order item some metadata, but when the email is sended I want to hide some of

wp redirect to same page in php

on my website I restricted 3 pages (IDs 861, 869, 931) to all non-registered users but I’m having a problem, those pages will always redirect

Issue with nested repeater in WordPress Advanced Custom Fields

I have a series of repeaters nested inside a parent which show images. The markup for this is a tab based system which shows ones

PHPMailer SMTP Could not connect to SMTP host error — timezone issue?

We use WordPress and PHPMailer for sending email via SMTP. A few weeks ago, our email stopped working and this was brought to my attention

wp_redirect() creating an endless loop

As I have searched for the answer to this question, I have found quite a few answers that have worked for other folks. However, none

WordPress change uploads directory to shared network folder UNC

Is there a way to change the upload default folder to a folder on the network? I have WordPress running on Machine1 and a shared

WooCommerce Show Product Total Sales after Custom Date in Frontend

I want to show product total sales after custom date: I have this code, but i would like to custom it for showing only the

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