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WooCommerce Show Product Total Sales after Custom a Date in Frontend

I want to show product total sales after custom date: I have this code, but i would like to custom it for showing only the

Undefined index CF7 form submission fields

I know this might be a common issue and there are a lot of questions were asked about this point. But yet after searching all

Does WooCommerce 3.0 still able to display random products via recent_products shortcode?

I’ve been successfully using the following shortcode in WooCommerce 2.x to display 5 random products using the text widget: [recent_products category="" per_page="5" columns="5" orderby="rand" order="asc"]

Woocommerce Change the Position for the product attribute and Price on Product Page

I want to swap the Product attribute size and Price. The Price should display above the Size. I am new to the woocommerce , is

Is it possible to integrate ‘if conditional tags’ within the WooCommerce Product Variation feature?

I am currently working on a WordPress website, with the chosen Shopping platform being WooCommerce. I am working on a Product Page, where the Product

Passing a filter to custom query

How would I get my “woocommerce_product_is_visible” filter hook to work with a WordPress custom query. If I change “woocommerce_product_is_visible” to “pre_get_posts” I get “Warning: Missing

How can i rename my default wp-login.php to login?

I would like to rename url of http://mysite/wp-login.php to http://mysite/login and also http://mysite/wp-login.php?action=register to http://mysite/signup I used following code in my .htaccess file but it

Get wordpress posts from certain category if statement

I’m trying to get wordpress posts belonging to a certain category if a condition is met. So basically there is a select dropdown where the

WordPress – get category name as select option value

I’ve got a select dropdown which outputs all the available categories of the WordPress site. Now I’ve been trying to also set the value of

custom addon in WooCommerce product in cart and order programmatically

I have ‘addon’ post_type and and its price are stored in meta data i.e. I can get price of addon by get_post_meta($addon_id,’add_on_price’,true). Now when a

Docker volumes_from to Docker Swarm

any idea how I could transform the volumes_from used in docker-compose in a docker swarm (service create) command ? version: ‘2’ services: andreir-hypera-php: image: qubestash/wordpress:php-7.1.5-fpm-alpine

How to edit Billing Address Label to Shipping Address in the thank you page and customer email?

In my WordPress site after customer place an order a thank you page will be shown This is my thank you page, at the bottom

WooCommerce Price Based on Country – Keep until the session ends

Woo Commerce Price Based on Country Plugin is working fine on single product page if i change the select option Demo for that on single

Woocommerce show / hide required checkout fields with using of Local pickup plus plugin

Woocommerce Local pickup plus plugin is used with “Hide the shipping address” option. When some requiered shipping address fields are hidden they are still set

Port Blocked After Malicious File Found on WordPress

I run a woocommerce store website with my cousin. I checked the website today after several days and found it was not working. On checking

WordPress Taxonomy template structure. (Category / List / Products)

I need help with taxonomy templates. Can find right solutions. So i have created taxonomy named “products”, added categories and products, i have 3 views:

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