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How to show post attachment image

i am going to create a slidershow by post attachment in single.php. i use this code but the result is null. <?php if ( have_posts()

how to create plan subscription in plugin so no one can play with the code?

I am confuse about plan subscription development in plugin, because if user download the whole plugin coding file then he/she can change the any of

Saving options for the fields on paginated pages

I am working on a WordPress plugin with some options for the fields which are working fine without pagination. I am kind of new to

problem with blank page

i have a real big problem with my wordpress website functions.php when i put the following code to achive post view and thumbnail. i’m getting

Tips for targeting widget dragable for WP Pointer on widgets.php page

I’m updating a widget plugin I wrote called Feature Me and am adding in WordPress pointers for first time users to help them find the

What is the use of wp_schedule_event hook?

I want to do a cron(executes function at specific time, like email,db backup etc) job. I searched in wordpress, i got this wp_schedule_event Here they

Apache rewrite rules and wordpress problem

I tried to fix my problem by using wordpress rewrite rules but sadly it took me so long I tried this approach. I got it

How to trigger woocommerce ajax function?

I tried to add a price value in checkout page. So i made a checkbox element in that page and on checked to checkbox i’m

unable to get repeater field of plugin settings field

I am using this awesome plugin for my plugin settings field. But I am unable to get repeater fields.I have done in plugin settings

Is wordpress a good choice for the use case of a dummy friendly post page in the frontend?

sorry if the question sounds silly, i am very new to wordpress and couldn’t find help. I know that it is possible to do it

How to hide that I’m using WordPress to my website visitors?

In order to improve a website's security, what are the steps to completely "hide" that I'm using WordPress to any user who might inspect the

remove_action("wp_ajax_function", "function"); not working

I have the following code in a file called contact-form.php. The file lives here: wp-content/themes/NAMEOFTHEME/ (premium theme) function theme_contact_form() { // some code here (send

captcha not working in my custom plugin

I am trying to create a contact form with captcha, but captcha not working. I created captcha image by this in another file and stored

Use options to control jQuery plugin

This may be a dumb question, but I’ve been teaching myself WordPress and I’ve been struggling with this for a while. What I want to

Output images from galley metabox of custom post type plugin

I’m creating a simple portfolio custom post type plugin. It suppose to have custom meta box with gallery images, just like woocommerce plugin’s product page

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