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How to enqueue an external Javascript file to Frontpage footer

I am trying to add an external Javascript file from my plugin. My code is – <?php /****** * * Plugin Name: Image Zoom *

Does the order of sections in readme.txt matter?

As the title says, Does the order of sections in readme.txt matter? This relates to me editing changelog every update and having to scroll past

How to see everything in get_option()?

In theme and plugin development I like to completely run through everything to make sure there are no issues and I’m not getting any errors.

Custom plugin changes not showing

I have a custom plugin that has been working for several months and I am making some updates to it. When I upload the new

looking for a way to sell ink cartridges through Woocommerce

I’m looking for a way to sell ink cartridges for printers using Woocommerce. This is beyond a regular product that I sell on Woocommerce, but

How does BuddyPress load content on pages like Members, Activity, etc?

I have been studying the BuddyPress code to get some inspiration for building my own plugin. One of the things that I am struggling to

Writing a plugin options page to add styles to head — any good how-tos?

I’m writing a plugin to implement Zach Leatherman’s Critical FOFT with DATA URI, but this is my 1st attempt to create an options page. I’ve

How to remove Failed to load resource Google API Issue

I am new to a lot of things in WordPress but I have been getting a little smarter but can’t find the solution for this,

Woocomerce : Get customer account when any user share link

When the customer participates through the person of the customer gets the amount and the same person who told the customer Alamalkip receive an amount

Plugin or Custom Page Type

new-to-WP I’ve searched for good guides for hours now, but with no luck. I want to create a custom Page Type with custom fields. There

Problem with Poedit

I have a directory structure like theme-name/inc/lang that I need to add the PO file inside the lang folder and the text to be translated

Social Icons plugin: add multiple instances of the same icon

On I need to have 3 Facebook icons, each linking to a different (Facebook) page. I use Social Icons for this purpose. The problem

Updating a WP Plugin SVN not showing on WordPress Website or Zip

Thanks in advance for any help given, I have been happily developing a plugin over the past while and have recently released the first public

Automatically add last post to a carousel/slider

Is there a carousel (or slider) plugin out there that allows me to add the most recent post to be an item on the carousel?

How long before a newly-added plugin appears in the WordPress repository?

I’ve just tried to commit my first ever plugin to the WordPress repository, but… nothing is happening. The plugin isn’t appearing, and instead I just

Woocommerce how to update variable product price programitically?

I want to update woocommerce variable product price by code. Here I wrote some code,, its create product but not update variable price: $post =

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