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Using HTML links within translatable string

What harm could happen if I didn’t use the wp_kses function when using HTML links within translatable string? I know what this function do but

Is it possible to get from email in contact form 7?

I’ve searched but was not able to find anything relevant. What I am facing is i build a basic contact form with fields – [name],

Code to add template to page

A plugin creates a set of pages and a template. There must be some method to assign the template to one of the pages. I’ve

Use a page as a template for a custom post type

I’m trying to develop a plugin with a custom post type that can be used in different themes thats why creating a single-post_type.php template file

Worpdress cannot create directory

I have installed a wordpress server locally in mi pc, recentlly I have some issues uploading files using wordpress media. I got some errors like

How to change title tag at page after loaded post?

I have sequence stack of filtersactions in custom plugin WP: add_action('the_post', 'post_callback'); add_filter('the_content', 'modify_content'); add_filter( 'the_title', 'wpse_filter_post_titles' ); Inside callback post_callback I modify $post object

Homemade plugin while using Themify Ultra

I am using the theme called Themify Ultra for a webproject. Theme can be found here. I want to make a plugin that changed letters

How to show active version on of a published plugin?

I have published a plugin, first time, on The problem I have is that it doesn’t show the stats of active version and only

How to alter WordPress publish post process?

I have some sort of custom post type and I want to limit its functionality to backend only. What I exactly need is to have

How to get current page id through the plugin

This is my code. /* Plugin Name: Plugin URI: Description: Version: Author: Author URI: License: License URI: Text Domain: Domain Path: */ if ( !

Download stopped working in 4.7.4

My plugin uses the following code to prompt users to download two external database files used by the plugin to fetch the users country code.

wp-mediaelement assets 404 and showing wrong path

The path to wp-includes are wrong for MediaElement. How can I fix it? Can this be due to corrupted .htaccess or missing file permissions? Read

Caching the_content calls

I am writing a very small cache plugin called Tiny Cache. It would cache only the_content() calls which take – I think – the longest

Custom edit menu fields being inserted outside of menu item

A recent WordPress update (presumably 4.7.4) just broke my plugin that shows/hides menu items based on country code. Here’s how the nav-menus.php page appeared before

Override WC Role Pricing discount for WC Bulk Discount plugin

I’m trying to find a solution for wholesale discount to not be applied when a user has selected Bulk Discount products. I’ve created a user

AJAX call returns ‘testtest0’ instead of ‘test’ – why?

I am expecting the following code to alert ‘test’, instead it alerts ‘testtest0’. Why? The code runs some javascript in the admin footer, it’s response

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