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how do i get client id and secret for setting up wordpress plugin

I am trying to setup WordPress plugin on Windows 10 mobile phone. I thoroughly read the instructions given on the installation page, but after clicking

position one widget under another in footer, in wordpress?

I’m trying to put my social media widget under my contact information widget (in the footer of the page), and not next to each other,

I plan to Lock my WordPress theme by license

i plan to design a professional wordpress theme and I don’t want people in my country use it free. i mean , I don’t want

Custom WordPress Page that shows parent content on child pages

I have created a custom page template which outputs testimonials if the slug for the testimonial category matches the page slug. What I want to

WordPress pluging / Do not show some posts on mobiles

I want know if you know a WordPress plugin that you can ‘deactivate‘(no display) a post (individually) when you are in mobile phones. It would

WordPress Theme Update Error

I downloaded a theme called MyWriter. In my WP panel it says I should update it, when I click update I get this error: Update

Sidebar as ‘nav’ or ‘header’ when making site?

What I’m trying to accomplish: I’m currently working on a WordPress theme and I plan on creating the navigation section as a sidebar. My problem:

Volley android remove div-container from fetched json

I use volley to fetch content from a wordpress blog via its api. The content I receive looks like this: <p>Blog content blabla</p>n <div id=

How to get count of posts in wordpress custom taxonomies of last month for each day?

I wonder how to get the number of posts in wordpress custom taxonomies (posts published during last month). As the result I want something like

How do I center the header menu in the Tesseract theme?

I’m using the latest version (as of May 25, 2017) of the WordPress Tesseract theme with Beaver Builder plug-in. The header has three columns by

ACF PRO taxonomy term field in WordPress submenu

I have a question that I can’t seem to find the right approach to. I’m currently developing a WordPress site whereby a custom submenu is

wordpress posts photos replaced & need to recover them

i have added code to prevent hot linking pictures from specific wordpress site the code i get from the following URL but the wordpress

how total price, price without VAT and VAT seperately

I’m using “WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips” plugin and wanted to ask. Does anybody have experience in changing Total in pdf. Right now I

crontab not syncing up with AWS S3 bucket

enter image description here1.Platform – amazon unix 2.Other application installed – php, php-mysql, httpd, stress . 3.Intent[what am i trying to achive] : installed wordpress

Configure gulp in a separate folder than WordPress theme

I’m setting up gulp to automate our WordPress build process. The current folder structure we use is ClientWebsite/wp(this holds the core files) and then ClientWebsite/wp-content/themes/custom-name/(this

dropdown menu when clicked links to sections of the original page that is not static home

using wordpress with a menu navigation and home as the frontpage, i want to have a scrolling page of content on the firm page that

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