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Limit the number of orders per day for wordpress e-store [on hold]

I have a store on wordpress was created using Wpshopcart plugin which can be seen here; Now I wanted to add orders limit per

get Options value in "external" page

I've create a really small plugin. This plugin add one filter : add_filter('the_content', 'BlueSteelAPI', 5); BlueSteelAPI is calling my API. I've create an admin page for register

Can’t seem to remove AdSense plugin? [on hold]

I installed a plugin called easy adsenser I think. I set it up and realised I wasn't getting much results so I removed it, using

Fighting the Space Between Inline Block Elements (cit) [on hold]

Using the great plugin called list-category-posts I encountered a problem as I'm styling list elements display: inline. The plugin generates the list and I'd like

How do I enable the WooCommerce Breadcrumbs? [on hold]

I created a template to show on my site as mention here and assumed that breadcrumbs would be visible along with the other shop

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