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wordpress Custom Post Type Data store into Custom post and postmeta table

I want to manage WordPress custom post data thought custom post and postmeta table that working same logic as it post and postmeta tale only

Website loading pages twice

The website on which I’m working keeps loading each page twice slowing down the overall speed, as you can see in the image below. My

How can i use the function AnimOnScroll in Masonry With Ajax load more plugin

I use ajax load more plugin with Masonry layout i folow this method so i creat new js file with this content : $(function()

sidearea cuts slider when closed wordpress

guys! I have the issue on my website: When I open sidearea and then close it, on my page a piece of slider cuts off.

WordPress phone Number Restrict to allow xxx-xxx-xxxx Format

i have Kept the placeholder as xxx-xxx-xxxx <label> Phone Number </label> [number* shm-mrk-phone minlength:10 maxlength:140 placeholder "] i changes the tel script in plugin formatting.php

wordpress contact form 7 phone number allow xxx-xxx-xxxx form

WordPress contact form 7 phone number allow xxx-xxx-xxxx form as of not it’s allowing xxxxxxxxxx i want to show a placeholder xxx-xxx-xxxx and want to

I’m running WooCommerce version 3.0.7. I want to change the Add To Cart button text on my product page for an item with variations:

enter image description here I want to change this read more button to cart button Read more here: I’m running WooCommerce version 3.0.7. I want

Own Sites IP Visiting Delete Me Files

I have been getting a pretty hardcore attack coming from Canada for ahwile. I have noticed users simply vanishing too. Recently I found my own

Whats the correct way to write nginx configuration for wordpress?

I have a problem with configuring my wordpress nginx settings. This is my nginx configuraton server { listen 80; server_name wordpress.project; access_log /var/log/nginx/wordpress.project/access.log; error_log /var/log/nginx/wordpress.project/error.log;

I have error to log in to phpmyadmin page

I am going to make a website using wordpress. I install WAMP new version and Then i goto phpmyadmin page. it shows me login page.

WordPress All In One SEO plugin not sharing to Facebook wall

I use to implement Facebook’s OpenGRaph protocol on my pages (wordpress) based on All In One SEO plugin. With each page: <meta property="og:type" content="article"> <meta

wordpress join two queries together in main query

is there any way to query on meta data? for example first load all posts that have most rate and after that load other posts(do

How to update with join table and duplicate value

UPDATE wp_posts AS P LEFT JOIN wp_postmeta AS Latitude ON Latitude.meta_key='lv_listing_lat' AND P.ID=Latitude.post_id LEFT JOIN wp_postmeta AS Longtitude ON Longtitude.meta_key='lv_listing_lng' AND P.ID=Longtitude.post_id SET P.post_status='trash' WHERE

How to get followers activity in my activity wall in buddypress

Generally buddypress have default activity page member/username/activity In this page or any custom page i need to get my following user’s activities feed Read more

Divi/WordPress – Google Ads not working on certain devices when placed after Divi Blog Feed Standard module on Category pages

Site URL: Password is: r3lax! We’re trying to figure out why our Google Ad slots won’t show ads in a certain situation in our

WordPress 500 Error On Specific Server

I am managing a 3 linux server system: an NFS server and two web servers. There is this new WordPress website that I installed, which

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