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The page can not be updated

Edit the beginning of the page is normal, but when the content reaches a certain amount of time to update can not be completed Read

Check if user has read a certain post

Is there a way to check whether or not a specific logged in user has viewed or not a certain post? Read more here: Check

Post just an image as post

I’m developing a wordpress theme and I want to have just an image as a post without the Tag. Read more here: Post just an

Add hero image to home page (blog format) via the dashboard

I am looking to add a hero image to my site’s home page (blog format) via the dashboard. I have successfully used Advanced Custom Fields

how do i fix bfi_thumb?

how do i fix my photo to link correctly in post ? i cant fix bfi_thumb sometimes bfi_thumb put a wrong photo in a wrong

WordPress 4.7.4 – Can’t publish new posts

I have been working with a client to migrate a site to a new host provider. I migrated the db manually, and have run into

Problem with wp_mail()

I’m trying to solve a problem in which I have various contact form not sending emails. Here’s the code: <?php // Send Message if(isset($_REQUEST['submit'])) {

How to create a sticky Post navigation footer for mobile?

How do I create a sticky Post navigation that only appears in the footer when accessing the website via mobile. Further the navigation appears only


i have installed wordpress and a nice theme also , but i want to list view my posts when accessing the web from mobile phone

Formatting in a table definition

I want to have a format in a table definition block like Address Tel: Fax: Member: E-Mail: Website but the lines keep getting rolled into

I’m such a Noob

OK, so my boss told me today that I will be updating the website which is actually a really great opportunity for me. However, I

Update issue on WordPress posts

When I update a page via my PC and update it, the update is not visible on my phone app for WordPress – can you

Add container div to gallery using post_gallery

I am trying to add a container div to the WordPress gallery, I have this so far…. function gallery_custom( $output ) { $return = '<div

including 404 page in post template

I created custom query var. So I need to include 404 page if query var not exists. function add_rewrites(){ add_rewrite_rule( '^custom_post_type/([^/]*)/([^/]*)/?', 'index.php?post_type=custom_post_type&name=$matches[1]&sub_pages=$matches[2]', 'top' ); }

Add a variable in a post

I would like to control a number inside multiple wordpress posts only by changing a variable. This variable can be anywhere inside wordpress or any

Creating a filterable directory of posts

I’m very new to WordPress. I’d like to create a page on my site that looks a little bit like this, except instead of filtering

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