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WP Rest API v2 filter and display latest post with specific tag

I need to display the latest post with a specific tag. Example: User tags a post ‘featured’, but forgets to untag earlier posts. So I

Getting postmeta of last order and adding it to new order

I’m trying to create invoice number on orders which are payed with bacs payment method. I want to get the last invoice number from existing

WordPress can’t preview scheduled posts

I’m having a problem where WordPress posts are not able to be previewed when they are scheduled (once they have actually posted they can be

WordPress pagination and Post Navigation not working on home page

Pagination doesn’t work for me on homepage but it works on my archive pages, I’ve checked and my homepage is not a static page, any

Display div after every three posts in a slick slider

I have a slick slider displaying some posts. I use the code bellow to achieve this: <div class="col-sm-3 news-scroller"> <div class="slick-slider pin-news-ticker"> <?php if (have_posts())

Post only showing on homepage when Logged in – direct URL still working

I’ve recently uploaded a blog post to our site, and when logged into WordPress, it shows up as normal on the blog homepage. However when

Make a (searchable) list of articles appearing in the blogs I follow

I follow around 20 (Excel) blogs on my WordPress account. I have a lot of blog posts in there. I’m looking for a way to

How to add navigation arrows to manually slide through posts?

I have made this: <?php $args = array( 'numberposts' => '5' ); $recent_posts = wp_get_recent_posts($args); foreach( $recent_posts as $recent ){ if($recent['post_status']=="publish"){ echo '<li class="one_sixth"> <a

Force "Submit to review" when a post is updated

I think that everything is in the title. I would like to find a way to change the status of a post to “pending” when

How to allow some visitors to edit inline specific post

I would like to allow some determined people to be able to edit a determined post via the front end. For example, let say, I

wp_set_object_terms NOT working on CPT, but wp_set_post_terms does

I have a function that runs with user input variable (comma separated numeric string) to update the terms (by id) in a custom taxonomy on

Buddyboss /BuddyPress Showing posts titles twice

How can i solve this problem ? i Don’t wanna titles twice in my posts, this seems simple to fix, but, i’m having troubles. Someone

Random posts that always include a particular post?

How can I always include a post/ page in the random result? For instance, I always want to get 3 items only from my articles.

change content on page without reload upon link click

im trying to make an average weather page. the page has the average weather conditions for each month. im using table press to make the

How get the real counts of post views into a new activated popular post plugin?

I re-activated the “Wordpress Popular Posts” plugin after a delay of about 1 month. Now it doesn’t count the post-views that have taken place within

if CPT content is empty then

I need to be able to do something if the content is empty in a CPT. This works for standard WP posts using the following:

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