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Posts aren’t showing up in my dashboard

When an admin logs into my site to edit a post, the list of available posts is empty — even though there clearly are posts

Getting index.php instead single.php for displaying posts

I’m (locally) building a custom theme. So far I have: index.php single.php page.php custom page template called about-page.php two different headers: one for default use

Body font sometimes disappears

I’m having a strange problem where my body fonts sometimes disappears in Chrome on a PC. I will go to the site and it’s just

Problem excluding category from get_next_post

I have a custom post type called “exhibitions” that uses the native “category” taxonomy. I have three categories: Current, Past, and Featured. Posts get marked

Deleting first four characters from all Post Titles

I have a wordpress autoblog.. I need to delete first four characters from each single post title automatically.. How can I achieve it? Read more

Users Post content like Facebook-style Wall [on hold]

There is a plugin that allows the user to post an article from another site using just its URL, like Facebook does on the wall?

wrap each line into a paragraph [on hold]

I’m looking for a way to automatically wrap each new line into a paragraph tag in my posts. I use a plugin called McEngine (

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