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WordPress wp-login redirect_to returns 404 when url contains IP

I’m migrating a WordPress site and before I switch the DNS, I want to make sure everything works by temporarily using the server’s IP and

Limit access to pages only with internal links

I’m developing a marketplace website based on WordPress, and I have 2 sections of it that I want to make privately accessible only for the

Strange redirection when hitting an edit-tags.php based page

I’m having an issue in WordPress backend: when I try to access to the menu posts->category edit page or, post->tag edit page or a post->custom_tax

Using regular expressions with ‘not’ in .htaccess redirect

I’m having difficulty with a regular expression that starts with a ‘not’ in an .htaccess redirect. I have a WordPress multisite (subdomain install) with a

WordPress redirect logged in users from various pages

I have no clue about coding, which will become obvious in a second. I found this code here, which works fine: function add_login_check() { if

How to create redirect URL that detect as referral on google analytics?

I have 2 website and I have tried to redirect to, but google analytics did not detect that redirection as referral

Google Search – WordPress Intermitent Virus Redirect

In the last few weeks our teen has been experiencing malicious redirects on our wordpress blog. We receive 2500 pageviews per day on average, and

wordpress keeps redirecting on locahost when migrating from live server to localhost

For some unknown reason my live wordpress fot blocked, showing following message on each hit “This site has been temporarily disabled, please try again later.”

Advice on intermingling HTML/CSS/JS Landing Page with WordPress

I realize this has been asked a bunch. I just want to make sure that how I go about this is correct. I have created

Intermingling HTML/CSS/JS landing page with WordPress [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: Redirect only WordPress homepage with a 301 redirect 7 answers I have created a landing page using HTML/CSS/JS

Redirect to a new url structure – same domain

So I recently moved my website from an old CMS to WordPress. Re-imported 3000+ to WP and now all the old urls are 404. I

Htaccess Page Cache Core

I have a question. I’ve installed a plugin cache on my WordPress and I saw this in my htacess file. Does this mean that if

Plugin – Htaccess redirect

I have a question. I’ve installed a plugin cache on my WordPress and I saw this in my htacess file. Does this mean that if

Early page redirect

I added a redirection function that slows down my site. Where and how early can I add this action to reduce page load time? Here’s

Redirect from A has been blocked by CORS policy. Origin B is therefore not allowed access

I have a server and a domain B pointing to it. Recently I bought a new domain A and did a redirection to B. I

Redirect wordpress URL with query string

I am trying to figure out how to redirect this URL to this Where 5428 is the course id Read more here: Redirect

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