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WordPress redirect if no GET parameter in the URL

So there are people who access my website directly (not thru the tracking link I got with Voluum), thus they are not able to click

WordPress redirecting to siteurl when accessed via webpack-dev-server proxy

First of all, this is related to WordPress redirecting to localhost instead of virtual host when being proxied by Webpack Dev Server. I’m facing a

Subdomain/subfolder redirect conflict

We have a bunch of sites that are subdomains. We are changing the structure of these site so they are a single site instead of

WordPress multisite URL redirect to incorrect URL

When I enable multisite in wp-config the site url is being redirected from to http// – stripping out the : I’ve searched all of

301 redirect to wordpress root

I have an old site that I am updating to a wordpress site. I created 301 redirects, all of which seem to be working perfectly

WordPress : /wp-admin redirects to homepage after adding a custom login form

The problem I’m talking about appeared after doing some code to add a custom login form on a front page template. So now when I’m

Proper code in .htacess file to redirect WordPress HTTP to HTTPS

I found a few redirect directives for my Apache Server on different websites. Can anyone explain me wich of the following code lines is the

Redirect non www to www version with SSL/Https

I already went through other answers related to somewhat this problem but couldn’t find any solution. I have a website built on WordPress with SSL.

Every site is twice in Google with additional slashes (WordPress)

I have a serious problem with my WordPress installation: Google has every site twice in the index. The first site is the right one: URL/category/site/

Can you use regex to redirect a url if it has a specific character or characters in it?

I have a couple of dozen urls that look like this: /blank-c2m8?lightbox=i3eev/?lightbox=i08mw I am wondering if it’s possible to take “?lightbox=” and say that any

Optimizing large number of wordpress URL redirects in NGINX

On one of the WordPress sites I am managing the clients wants change a large number (current count is 200+) of URLs to clean scheme.

How to stop WordPress from redirecting subdomain to the main domain?

Searched stackoverflow for an answer to this one, but couldn’t find any that works. My problem is: I have a site called (for the

WordPress: redirect after login

I get this code to run a redirection on login. It works fine if the login is done in the login page: wp-login.php .But my

Redirect accented url in WordPress

I would like to redirect all my urls containing accented characters to the same url without the accents. I tried to modify the .htaccess but

301 Redirect for WordPress with New URL

We used the WordPress Move plugin to migrate our WordPress site from to and we cannot get a 301 redirect working. Here is

WordPress http to https home redirect (ERR TOO MANY REDIRECTS)

So, I moved my wordpress blog to https, and it works, all inner pages work perfectly. If I access the https home version it works

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