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Redirect to different ports based on request URL

I’m using Windows Server 2003 R2. I have one web application running on IIS and another web application running on Apache Tomcat. Currently all requests

How to detect a server redirect with $.get()?

I use $.get to load the content of an external document into the current website. However, I need the final URL of this external document.

Redirect Old url with new url in codeigniter

I am redeveloping a site in codeigniter . so there are some page have static information but i have change the url . now i

Getting response from a sites login page android

I have a WebView in which I am loading a certain Url with a login page ( When the user enters his username and password

How to redirect url from Zend Rest Application?

I have an application where I receive a url & use Zend rest client to post the url to another url. The other url is

Duplication content directory without redirect .htaccess

There is a page on the way: Need to make it available in several locations, for example: How to do? Without redirect,

magento 301 redirects not working through URL Rewrite

I want to redirect some links with new links of my magento site. Here is what I want : Old Link : New Link

Htaccess redirect to directory when rss.xml/ occurs

Hai I am having a problem with my wp site , I have some plugin installed which set all my rss urls to I

url rewritting using .htaccess for unwanted words removal

I need to rewrite url where the url is : –> URL1 which need to be —> URL2 where is a directory

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