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How to add a short code after a Div.class?

I want to insert a shortcode to each custom post type by my function.php. I find this code. function add_content_after_h2($content){ if (is_single()) { $div =

Shortcode display issue

I have created two shortcodes for my plugin and on a page, either use separate or together, they show as expected. If i add either

Problem using shortcode in widget

I have created two shortcodes in my plugin. If i use them on a page, either use one or both together, they are shown as

Problem with using custom shortcode with ACF WYSIWYG field

I have created a custom shortcode [colored-list] to simply print an HTML code template. The reason to build this shortcode is because I am using

Use ACF array values in shortcode

I have a client using some third party forms that I want to easily drop in places on their site. To easily update them site-wide

Shortcode works in Mainstream theme but not Twenty Twelve

The BUTTON shortcode works in the Mainstream theme but that theme is now discontinued. How may I get the same shortcode into Twenty Twelve theme?

Same Shortcode not executing second time

I am developing a theme for our organisation, I have developed the following shortcode that generates a card view. public function omnizzCard( $atts, $content =

Using shortcode in Post title

I have lots of posts where I have current month with the post title. When month ends, it’s kind of annoying to change all the

WordPress: How to use a nested shortcode to render the value of an attribute in parent shortcode

I’m using a shortcode to render a count-up box on my page. To do so, I can add something like [ut_count_up to="1000"][/ut_count_up] in the editor

Do shortcode in template file

I have a fairly complicated shortcode that works well when put inside the wysiwyg editor. Now I try to include this in a template php-file

How to fix the image?

function offer_menu( $atts, $content = null, $tag ) { extract( shortcode_atts( array( 'bg_image'=>'', 'title'=>'Hotel Obaffo', 'address'=>'London', 'rating'=>'9', 'price'=>'80', 'priceroomtitle'=>'Price per room per night from', 'client_url'=>'true',

Check if Page=current user page via shortcode

How can i develop a shortcode, which checks, if the current page is the page of the user, does something if it is and something

How can I extract or parse data from post contents’ shortcodes into an array?

I’m migrating from one Visual Page editor to another. I’m extracting the texts surrounded by the shortcode opening and closing tags. Before I write my

Use Shortcode on Custom Page

How to use shortcode on a custom page in a theme? Let say I have a page that has a jQuery ajax function. I am

WordPress Database Error using $wpdb->get_results()

I am trying to run a query from my functions.php inside a shortcode See code function nrl_listing_page($args) { global $wpdb; $wpdb->show_errors( true ); $properties =

Multiple shortcode attributes for contact form 7

I am using Contact Form 7 and have two hidden fields in the form. I am embedding the form in a custom template and want

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