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Loop over shortcodes with a shortcode

I’ve got a question about a shortcode i want to make a automatic summary of multiple shortcodes eg: [title_anchors] (this is a list of title_anchor

Shortcode for order number

I need a shortcode for the order number of WC order. I’m trying to build a custom thankyou page where I would like to add

Shortcodes with Ajax

Hi so I am creating shortcode so user can put it anywhere, where he wants to have some data displayed and after pressing a button

How to convert metabox content to do_shortcode?

I’m trying sort my woocommerce products by a shortcode value. is it possible to sort products based on shortcode value. Read more here: How to

echo do_shortcode just prints the shortcode name and not its content

I have this code: <div id="order_form"> <?php echo do_shortcode('[order_form]'); ?> </div> And my shortcode: <?php add_shortcode('order_form', 'order_form'); function order_form(){ return "hello!!"; } But this simply

Adding Pagination to a shortcode

I’d like to make this short and simple. Not currently at the desktop to copy the code to this post. Basically I’m running a script

has_shortcode for content added after the content

I added some shortcode after the content using filter, like this: add_filter( 'the_content', 'image_posts' ); but now that I run has_shortcode in another function, this

Delete VC shortcode on a personal shortcode

I’ve got a pb with the visual composer shortcode add on the article. I’ve made a personal shortcode in my function.php theme which list the

Add inline style to pages where shortcode was used

I am trying to add a style to the header, using this method the style only loads on single posts but if I use a

Meta tags in shortcode

The thumbnail and title shows up as it should, but the post meta displays on the top of the page. What is the correct code

add shrtcode’s content to table

Is that possible to add my shortcode in table? [vc_column_text] [st_custom_meta key="st_custom_available_dates"] [/vc_column_text] For example if my custom_meta has the value of this: <span>Alex</span> <span>john</span>

Is it possible to add a shortcode’s content to a table?

Is it possible to add my shortcode in a table? [vc_column_text] [st_custom_meta key="st_custom_available_dates"] [/vc_column_text] For example, if my custom_meta has the value of <span>Alex</span> <span>john</span>

Is it inefficient to repeat a Shortcode 100 times on a page?

I’ve been using shortcodes for cutting down on the amount of html I have in my visual editor. I have a shortcode [person] with features

Allowing Shortcodes in Woocommerce Product Variation Description

add_filter(‘woocommerce_available_variation’, ‘do_shortcode’); Will this not do the trick? Need help please :/ Read more here: Allowing Shortcodes in Woocommerce Product Variation Description

Finding where a shortcode comes from

I have to change a few things in a page that I have not created. I have to insert some text inside a contact form.

How to display a page dependent on a url parameter supplied by a form/button page?

Here’s what I’m trying to achieve: I have a set of PDF files stored in a single directory on the server. Users should be able

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