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Why arent my styles being pulled through?

I have made a custom post type, and im able to use visual comopser within the post type which is excellent. as you can see

Need help with do_shortcode based on _thumbnail_id

Situation I’ve created a Custom Post Type called ‘Banners’. On each post I’m able to add a featured image. This will be saved in my

add widget to page content (using shortcode)

I’d like to be able to add a custom widget (that a site’s previous web developer built) to the WordPress page content, ideally using shortcode.

How can I insert a shortcode in the title tag of another?

//Shortcode which return a name [get_name] //A heading of the theme. I need text + shortcode in title="" [dt_fancy_title title="My name: [get_name]"] //I tried this

Display a list of portfolio posts by category in post

I am trying to display in a page a list of portfolio posts filtered by category. I am using the Cherry Framework. So far I

do_shortcode for is_page(slug)

iam new with php and wordpress. i try to implement a shortcode which should only work for a specific slug for my website. all other

Escaping special characters end/or nesting html/xml tags in shortcodes and its arguments in WP

I have got through the topics of WP characters escaping but apparently nothing similar popup to me. The are 2 problems: Nesting shortcodes in shortcode’s

Content from shortcode appears outside page content wrapper

I have a shortcode which outputs content from a template file using get_template_part(). Problem is that the content does not sit within the page content

Shortcode content output not appearing within page container

I have created a shortcode but the output from the shortcode is not appearing within the main page wrapper and instead appears below (see screenshot

How to list child pages with excerpts, e.g. [child-pages depth="1" excerpt="1"]

I would like to build a shortcode function to produce a HTML list of child pages of a parent pages, and include the excerpt. Something

wp_list_pages shortcode jumps above previous content

I have the following shortcode: function roofspan_product_childpages() { $list_p = array( 'sort_column' => 'menu_order, post_title', 'child_of' => '12', 'title_li' => 'Products: ' ); return wp_list_pages(

Video Shortcodes not working in WordPress

I have my own wordpress theme created, when I attach a video to the post it looks good while editing. After posting the post, showing

Pagination for a page created by the shortcode "Product"

My searchDB function searches products with the specified keyword, and returns an array of found ids. Below is my page. How can I add a

problem with shortcodes nesting

I am developing a wp theme and I want to have a shortcode that can be used serveral times from within an article. in functions.php

Category attribute not working in custom shortcode

I have the following function written, the issue is when I set the category in my shortcode it ignores it and shows all posts from

What’s a good layout builder to integrate into a theme?

I’m working on a theme that’s built using Timber/Twig, and in addition uses Advanced Custom Fields Pro, which have helped a lot to maintain clean

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