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Stopping flexslider from sliding to just changing pictures

I’m using zeeflex theme and flexslider slides images from right to left, but I’d like them to just change images the regular way. That’s the

Is a true MiniSite possible with WordPress?

I am creating a website that needs to have separate custom “portals” or “Sections” depending on which market you are in. Example situation: user lands

How to display most viewed related post

hi there i am looking for a plugin or a code to display most viewed related post. in fact i want to display most viewed

Resize an image on selection from media library

i want the image(image1) that is uploaded by a user to be automatically resized to 360px width and 560px height once selected and image 2

Theme Customizer – Nested Sections?

Is it possible to put sections within sections at all? It would be very helpful for me to be able to do so due to

How to remove text "Log In" from login page

I am using Theme My Login and have noticed that, even though I am customising my own login-form.php template and simply including the appropriate form

Adding WordPress colorpicker in widget settings

I want to add the WordPress default colorpicker in widget settings form. Here’s what I’m trying: In my functions.php, I have this: function widgets_scripts( $hook

Get all first images of posts in same category

I am trying to build a list of thumbnail images linked to their associated single content pages within the same category. So, when I am

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