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Can I add multiple arrays within add_theme_support( ‘colors’ )?

I would like to add all possible options to add_theme_support( ‘colors’ ) in WP Customizer. What I have that worked was: add_theme_support( 'colors' , array(

How to set up WordPress Theme Review VVV

I am trying to set up a testing environment for my theme review. I am using wordpress-theme-review. It says that after provision it will create

Text of blogs won’t show – just the Title

I’m just setting up a new site. All was going great then I uploaded an article to the blog and attached it to the domain.

I need to I get rid of this “CUSTOM HTML BLOCK This is a custom sub-title” on the left side in Porto WP theme

Afternoon, Hello, Can someone help me out!! Am using Porto WP theme and i need to get rid of this “CUSTOM HTML BLOCK This is

Best option to implement a feature

Sorry about the non descriptive title, but I really can’t think how to word this. I’m developing a them for a client and in his

Underscores Custom Theme Not Resposnding

I’m new to creating themes and I’ve recently started work on my first Underscores theme. Everything seemed to be going well, but then I realized

WordPress Custom font not found

I created a custom wordpress theme from scratch I am trying to use custom font what I done upload font to wp-content/themes/mythemefolder/fonts/fontfolder in theme default

I need google fonts array

I am creating a wordpress theme, I need a php array of latest google fonts. how to create it? Is there any API I can

What Licence should I use?

I want to publish a paid theme, and I am not sure which licence to pick. Any advice? Thanks Read more here: What Licence should

Code <i> showing in wordpress post titles around website

Some of the posts on my wordpress site have the in them. I’ve just switched themes and in the new theme this code shows up

Change on a custom cart

I have an installation of WPGroupBuy theme and plugin here I have configured 3 payment methods (PayPal, Bank Transfer & COD). Now, since there

Error in first line functions.php i need to change style.css from wordpress

Have error in first line but i delete all spaces.Why kind a problem can be ? Heres my functions.php <?php function learningCode(){ wp_enqueue_style('style', get_stylesheet_uri()); }

Have troubles in delete the styles from css pluggable.php report

I have 5 simple files 4 php and 1 css. functions.php <code> <?php function learningCode() { wp_enqueue_style('style', get_stylesheet_uri()); } add_action('wp_enqueue_scripts', 'learningCode'); </code> index.php <code> <?php

Pagination ‘This page is not working’ briefly before redirecting

I have a few templates designed to display just certain categories, for this I am using a custom query (see below) the issue I have

How do I merge 2 WordPress Themes?

I am new to WordPress…well using it actively. I only use it when I travel. I have a Retired Theme that is really difficult to

How do I control the header space in non-front pages in Twenty Seventeen?

I’m not using the site title and tagline, so the headers in non-front pages are too thin to display the graphics I’m using. I want

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