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How can I exclude categories from my WordPress Blog’s homepage?

I am using metro pro theme on my blog. I tried to exclude some specific categories using genesis simple edits plugin. But I couldn’t get

register_theme_directory() sees custom themes directory, but blank frontend

I have a local WordPress install running, and have included register_theme_directory('/Users/andyw/Desktop/CMS Repos/WP Theme/wp-content/themes'); in my wp-config.php file. My WordPress install is at /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/ig-theme. When I

Issue on Adding A Class to Bootstrap Navbar Walker Dropdown in WP

Using Bootstrap 3 and Navbar Walker I am able to create dynamic dropdown on the Bootstrap and WP template but I need to add .dropdown-menu-left

front-page.php is not Listing in Static Front Page List

I have a in my theme directory and I would like to set the WP to be static based on page. I didnt create any

Website using Angular 2 as frontend and WordPress as Backend

I have been working on a website for my own. In this I want to use Angular 2 as a frontend (client side) to speed

Missing post back data in custom theme – PayPal powered by Braintree [on hold]

We have a theme that we use for our client websites, few month ago we made a woo-commerce website with it, everything was okay until

How to customize the colors within a stylesheet using a WordPress setting

So, we are building an internal WordPress theme for our company that will be used for a few dozen of our websites. The only thing

wordpress wp_nav_menu – default menu tied to pages

I deleted all menus from the customizer. I have only one location in my theme – “primary”. I created a new menu “main” with one

Want to use Slides with redux frame work

Want to use slides of redux frame work what is the perfect loop for this section in html? Read more here: Want to use Slides

Customise my website

How do I make a slideshow type thing in terms of my menu so that it slides photos and has a button to click into

Override template file i subfolders

What is the correct way to override theme template files in subfolders with a child theme? I wan’t to override a theme template file with

Dynamic Content on a WordPress page

Greetings to developers community. I’m new(beginner) on wordpress developing. I wanted to challenge myself and try to build a wordpress theme from an existing Static

Target second from last post in loop

For featured posts rendering in rows of three, I have a total of 5 featured posts to work with. Three of five posts render in-line

How do I get an anchor button to fit inside a listed order tag?

I have an anchor button that links to a contact page on a website. It is inside a listed item tag and it is stretching

Rating are not displaying on front end of woocommerce products

I am working on product ratings, I only want to add ratings not reviews. Here is my code. Content-single-product.php <div class="description"> <?php /** * woocommerce_single_product_summary

work by team with git on localhost

I am a beginner to this topic and I start developing a part of special theme on wamp (localhost) and another teammate work on the

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