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Woocommerce Storefront Theme [on hold]

How to change products at categories like New In,Best Sellers etc given at homepage of Storefront Theme of WooCommerce v2.2.2? Read more here: Woocommerce Storefront

The entire wordpress theme reset to default after uploaded to live

I created a WordPress website. Spent a couple of weeks to customized its CSS, PHP, Posts, uploading images, etc to be the how I wanted.

How to fix my RSS feed which got screwed up after I changed my WordPress theme?

I created a WP site, content/news based and partnered with a lot of aggregators by sharing my RSS feed to them. My direct/none traffic from

Why does not a specific wordpress theme work when we change the permalink in the base category field on the dashboard?

Why does not a wordpress theme accept to change the permalink in the base category field on the dashboard? Any theme that I activate, when

How to enable (/disable) dropdown (2nd level) menu in wordpress?

I’m using Gonzo wordpress theme (and his child Gonzo Offsprings) with the top secondary menu as main menu. The second level dropdown menu seems not

get_template_part grayed out while inspecting

get_template_part of my code is not showing in frontend. I have used following syntax: <input type="hidden" name="edit_gallery" id="edit_gallery" value="<?php echo isset($edit_gallery) ? esc_attr($edit_gallery) : '';

Avada Theme » Fusion Builder » Prevent user from editing Container and Column Elements, but not Text blocks

How to prevent an user from editing Container and Column Elements, but not Text blocks? Thanks in advance. Read more here: Avada Theme » Fusion

WP Theme overriding style of Tag Cloud plugin

I’m using the Lighthouse Lite theme at I didn’t like the Tag Cloud widget that came with theme and can be installed in the

font-family, font-style and font-weight values are inhibiting rendering of above the fold content

I created a site with the a premuim theme named “Firma” and basically took care in all above the fold content problems; All but the

Twenty seventeen one column

I’m trying to build a simple one column blog using twenty seventeen theme. The blog’s layout looks weird. My content is on the right side

How to transform the duration time output from seconds to minutes only if only numbers

I have a system, which apprehends the duration of the videos in seconds, I solved by dividing by 60 $totaldur=round($totaldur/60).'min'; update_post_meta($post_id, 'duration', $totaldur); But before

How do you manage your theme versions when privately distributing?

I’m working on a theme that I don’t want to be public or available via the default WordPress directory, as it’s going to be a

Issue with theme configuraiton

I am having a problem with wordpress theme install on xampp for some reason certain themes are causing issues. The error I am having as

Themecheck Plugin Recommendation

I have found the following recommendations from themecheck plugin for my WordPress theme: • RECOMMENDED: No reference to add_theme_support( “custom-header”, $args ) was found in

BuddyPress 2.8.2 Template Customization Giving Blank Page

I am trying to customize profile-loop.php in Buddypress plugin but it is giving just a header, footer, and blank content area. Actually, I have checked

Mobile Theme Configuration

Am using anymobile theme plugin and I need to customize my mobile theme differently from my desktop theme. How do I do that. I tried

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